Ms. Ensaf Haidar: Why are the journalists only focused on her past public support of Mr. Maxime Bernier instead of also wanting to know why Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal party let her spouse, Mr. Raif Badawi, down?

Today, the journalists asked Ms. Ensaf Haidar why she publicly supported Mr. Maxime Bernier in the past. The Bloc Québécois (BQ) leader, namely the eloquent Mr. Yves-François Blanchet kindly defended his candidate in Sherbrooke during his press conference.

Perhaps he did so himself because: 1. She is going through a hell of a personal, endless saga with her spouse still in jail (and being tortured) in her birth country, Saudi Arabia (simply because of a personal blog!) and 2. Obviously, despite her intelligence and determination, she still lacks political experience.

However, the video shows us that the courageous Ms. Haidar later chatted with the media herself, as you can see in the Journal de Montréal video/article below:

As she said so well, this is a personal story in which she supported and supports everyone who kindly calls her, showing concern for Mr. Badawi. Bravo to Mr. Maxime Bernier for having been that kind of a compassionate public servant. As she added, in politics, things are different (since she is running now for the BQ).

Mind you, bravo for the BQ for their good attitude in the electoral campaign. Bambi read about two candidates, Liberal and BQ, running in a harmonious manner in Trois-Rivières (i.e., Mr. Martin Francoeur and Mr. René Villemure respectively).

It is is Bambi’s hope that one of our journalists will also ask Mr. Trudeau one day (or even one of his senior fellow colleagues) why didn’t they follow up on the motion of the BQ that everyone in the Parliament voted for, including Mr. Trudeau himself. Can they give us, and more specifically give Ms. Haidar and her children, a genuine answer as to why they did not give Mr. Badawi the Canadian citizenship in order to facilitate his return home to join his family? Why didn’t they have the courage to do so?

As for the BQ, thanks for this federal party for defending freedom of expression abroad (and bringing home Canadian fellow citizens in trouble elsewhere). Indeed, this party supported Mr. William Sampson. In the end, the latter sadly died in England in 2012, according to the National Post ( According to Radio-Canada (or the French CBC) in addition to several other media (, the BQ helped free him from jail (the UK too helped him since he held the double citizenship). A BQ politician even travelled to Saudi Arabia to meet him in jail. The tragedy was that Mr. Sampson was accused of false yet very serious accusations. He was also tortured. However, thankfully, he survived his ordeal. He spent the entire last ten years of his (free) life clearing his name.

FYI, Bambi has several posts on Ms. Haidar/Mr. Badawi, including this last one with a touch of humour:

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