Is this the Soviet Union or is it still Canada…?

You may wonder why Bambi is asking herself this question…

The answer is unfolding right now in front of her and your eyes.

Is this the Canada you want for yourself? For your children?

Or do you prefer to have your own opinions and let others have theirs?

That is the real question our society is facing.

21 thoughts on “Is this the Soviet Union or is it still Canada…?”

  1. General Food for Thought

    Authoritarian Capitalism
    Progressives e.g. Academia, China & Guanxi & Their Codependency Relationships

    Which is all part of the “Public Choice Economy”. Equally as dangerous or perhaps even more dangerous than The US Military/Security Complex.

    “So what does this group look like? Compared with the rest of the (nationally representative) polling sample, progressive activists are much more likely to be rich, highly educated—and white. They are nearly twice as likely as the average to make more than $100,000 a year. They are nearly three times as likely to have a postgraduate degree. And while 12 percent of the overall sample in the study is African American, only 3 percent of progressive activists are. With the exception of the small tribe of devoted conservatives, progressive activists are the most racially homogeneous group in the country.”

    The Progressives Classes, The Civil Service/Academia/Mains Stream Media/NGO’s, etc…

    We need to decouple with China and ensure we have our own supply chain again e.g ventilators, etc…
    It is our upper-middle-classes the e.g. 20% PEW. Which also happens to be the base of the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party are indeed the ones with their civil service unions with their defined pension hedge fund investments that are one of the key players in funding The Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

    An authoritarian dictatorship that believes in cancel culture and of identity politics, critical race theory (CRT) with a centrally planned economy of the bureaucratic classes aka “Political Correctness”.

    China’s economy is based on inflated and bogus Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers that can’t be verified by out-side neutral auditors.

    The CCP is also a currency manipulator with many of its companies that are traded abroad on the New York Stock Exchange [NYSE] set up through a process known as reverse mergers.

    Defunked US companies like an old coal mine now trading as a Chinese company that has 3 employees and a shack, a coal mine valued in the billions of dollars and no one is the wiser, “The China Bubble”.

    How can American and Canadian companies compete we can’t because we have regulations up the a-s, while China gets off scot-free. I wonder why Progressives are so quick to criticize things like a US coal mine, though Chinese businesses e.g. a coal mine gets a pass e.g. Guanxi, trading favors/favours?
    Harvard Leads U.S. Colleges That Received $1 Billion From China

    Progressive Capitalism when you are too Lazy and Stupid to be a Socialist

    Progressive Capitalism/Socialism, there is no such thing it’s a fallacy.
    Restructuring of capitalism is boorish and requires tedious work, central planning, and five-year plans. Why should Progressives have to work to reform it, socialism a derivative of capitalism for the so-called greater good of “Western Ideals”. Just outsource it to The Communist Party of China (CCP).

    Progressivism is a Form of Collective Psychosis

    Mark Twain — ‘Never argue with an idiot (A Progressive because “the virtue is always the cover for the sin”). They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.’

    Time Magazine Reveals How Democrats “Fortified” 2020 Election

    Sincerely, Demian Hammock

  2. It is absolutely disgraceful that our politicians, even those that claim to support us refuse to fight for the values of their voters, or even protect them from the globohomo oligarchs that want to harm us for expressing them.

    CPC has no spine, and no shame.

  3. Unlike in the past this is the radical third way… communitarianism… here’s a link for the ebook from Alaskan authors Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich…. Niki describes it as the ‘dictatorship of ‘community’ and judging by the giant signs erected around campus for the maximum impact “community bubble” is just an extension of the dictatorship we are witnessing locally which wants to mandate thoughts, behaviour and rewards those who go along to get along…. shocking but this is the world we live in 2021…. hope you find some value in this book “2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto” from ACL Books Alaska, please consider a small donation to their indie publishing company if you are able to do so… Niki lives off grid in Alaska building gertees [yurt type dwelling from recycled materials] Send $ 7362 W Parks Hwy Wasilla Alaska 99623 USA . .. she has paid a high price for publishing the powerful information that she has … if more of us were talking about the ‘community’ rather than communism we would get to the heart of the problem…. ‘community organizers’ and ‘agitators’ abound in this small enclave of university change agents… we are like a test lab for all sorts of ‘communitarian experimentation’ .. . … would love your feedback on this topic. People should be willing to discuss ideas in this town of intellectuals… that’s what I thought when I came here 10 years ago . . . but I am surprised how many closed minded people are very loud here.

  4. ”All academics are equal but some are more equal than others”

    I guess that’s the motto of those Stalinists who would do harm to deer like Bambi and thwart her important work.

  5. You are the one who is offended by others asking for their human rights to be respected though? Nobody tried to make you do anything, you are the one telling others how they should exercice their rights and be allowed to exercise their rights. No one is trying to tell you how to exercise your rights. You do have a right to free speech which you are clearly utilizing. Others have a right not to like your speech and not want you as part of their community and institution if its harmful to them. That’s THEIR right. You want to say things that harm other people, but want them to be silent about it. What do you think this is? Your very own dictatorship? People have a right to protest here, there is nothing radical about that, and I’m not sure why you thinks it’s strange that people see it as reflecting poorly on you that you make posts saying protesting is imposing an ideology you. Get over yourself. It’s not the Soviet Union just because your feelings are hurt and people don’t agree with your rhetoric, cupcake. Have your free speech, but at least assume the social consequences. You look like a clown on here whining that people don’t like your opinion. Do you think you are owed your job, your salary, your status, trust, without needing to respect the values you AGREED to uphold and without taking your responsibilities? Just as much as you have your freedom of speech, people have a right not to want you around them if you can’t respect basic values.
    & The way you romanticize a country, as if it can do no wrong, I would have thought this actually was a dictatorship. It’s crazy to me that you act just like the things you say are wrong.

    1. Hello Jordan. Again, Bambi will post your comment even if she does not agree. Are mobs, false allegations, threats of violence, and attack to someone’s character and reputation a matter of “hurt feelings”?

    2. Jordan XX
      “Others have a right not to like your speech and not want you as part of their community and institution if its harmful to them. That’s THEIR right.”

      Others might not want YOU as part of their community. You’re denying them their right by remaining anonymous.

      I suggest you google Voltaire and Johm Stuart Mill on freedom of speech.

      1. Jordan – so, you, and all these other white people, are trying to kick out a Lebanese Canadian woman from their community? I think your justification reminds me a lot of the sort of rhetoric we used to hear from the KKK down south… very scary language..

        1. Me and all the other white people? Try again…
          & Community as in academic community. Students are allowed to ask for the removal of a prof who they think does not uphold the values of the institution.
          Why are you talking about a terrorist organization?

          1. You can’t just justify a mob mentality by saying that groups of people have the right to attack individuals simply because they don’t agree with them or share the same values. There are rules and ethics that transcend the mob, that protect individuals from groups. Groups can very easily get caught up in their own modes of violence. Sociologists have documented this for a very very long time.

            In terms of values, you will have to be more specific. Part of the problem with everything that is in the media right now (shame on them) is that nobody wants to be specific in their accusations. For example, what values does Mount Allison explicitly hold that Bambi, in her private blog, is antagonistic to? Be specific. … I’ll wait.

      2. You’re not saying anything other than flipping my words back onto me.
        The context behind my comment is that a significant portion of the academic community in Sackville thinks posts on this blog are inappropriate. In response, you’re saying that my comment is inappropriate, and you would like my last name to make a mental note not to personally include me in your academic community?

        I’ve studied them before. What’s the point you’re trying to make?

        1. Sackville can use some darn diversity! You want homogeneity. Make no mistake, you are a part of the white mob – that is the profound paradox of your inconsistent ideology.

        2. Jordan – perhaps you could start a blogger to express your feelings and opinions that we could in turn comment on with more interaction rather than less. Twitter has created the world of tiny thoughts compressed into short spaces and leave no room for lengthier and more expressive writings. If you create a blog as Bambi has done to express your unique views and opinions would you be comfortable if others told you that you didn’t have the right to create that blog? If freedom of expression is removed then people have more of a tendency to become angry and violent .. they are left feeling unheard. I believe starting a blog was important to Bambi because she is witnessing first hand the transformation taking place on this campus over a decade, or so, as am I… as a student you have not the benefit of her life’s experiences from which to learn and gather more insights than your professors may be providing you with… as they say: education is a life long pursuit and jumping to conclusions about the motives of another writer is unhealthy for you. I believe Bambi chose to write her blog with the best intentions and with a peaceful and loving attitude towards the students she sees attending at Mount Allison University. A big part of developing your mind is working hard to think about ideas especially those that may make you uncomfortable at times because they’re new to you. I would ask you to attack ideas, not people and also consider creating our own online blog to express them. There is freedom is expressing yourself – – many people suffer in silence because they feel unheard. I commend anyone trying to create a ‘diversity of ideas’ culture in this town… God knows it is needed!

    3. Hey Jordan,

      It is very clear that you have no concept of what social structure we’re supposed to have as a society. It is a crime to fire someone for expressing themselves, whether or not you agree with them.

      Your willingness to blatantly deny fact when it disadvantages your political identity is embarrassing, and when it comes to expressing yourself, no matter what it is you say, someone’s feelings will be hurt.

      If we make it socially unacceptable to ever hurt someone’s feelings, noone will be able to do anything but lie, which has already led to societal collapse.

      1. Hey Bloo,

        Can you explain what I don’t understand about the social structure?
        A crime based on what?
        What fact am I denying?
        Which political identity do you feel I expressed?

  6. There’s an aspect in which I miss the Soviet Union very much.

    When it existed, it provided a good model for how NOT to run a society. Fascist behaviour could be shot down by saying “That’s how they do things in the USSR.”

    Now that they’re no longer, that brake on our own society’s totalitarian impulses is sadly missing.

    RIP Soviet Union. You’re missed for the strangest of reasons, sometimes.

  7. I ask myself the same question more and more. This isn’t the Canada I would want for my children, and this certainly isn’t the academic institution in Sackville that I would want for myself (if only I knew of the “tolerance” of the student body before choosing to join them here).

    1. Brian Gallant’s Liberal government wanted to make university education free.. it was amazing to see these same university students work against getting him elected again… baffles the mind how the social justice ideologies operate around here and politics and culture of ‘ disruption and agitation ‘ are being instilled into the youngsters coming here to learn.

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