A New York city public school “sent a survey to white parents asking them to identify their level of whiteness”. If this insanity is not racism, what is it then?

Imagine that you are the parent of a child attending this school and you receive such as survey, what would be your reaction? In all honesty, would one of your reaction be one of the options below?

  1. Shock at this apparent racism and ignoring the survey.
  2. Shock, but filling the survey whilst laughing at the school administration.
  3. Considering changing your child’s school over the level of stupidity.
  4. Considering homeschooling (for the first time of your life).
  5. Considering moving to a sane place (if possible).

Now, for those of you who know the Lebanese context, imagine that you receiving a similar survey from your child’s school in Beirut. It is asking you the same, but replacing the absurd concept of “whiteness” with another identity characteristic like you religion affiliation (or at least your parents’) or being tall or being short, etc. Imagine if a school is asking Sunni Muslim parents to do this reflection or Shia Muslim parents or Christians versus Muslims or Druze and Jews. How do would you feel about it if you are that target group of parents?


Why are the Americans (and with them the Canadians… and maybe by extension the whole Western world) doing this to themselves? Why are they accepting and endorsing this non-sense wokeism? See the “8 levels of whiteness” below, if you do not believe Bambi.  

Why do we see society’s elite like Hollywood stars, politicians and even governments, companies like Apple, schools/universities or rich people like Bill Gate and Melinda (through their foundation) endorsing the woke ideology and competing to virtue signal, whilst being among the blessed ones with jobs, high salaries, and recognition?

When will all this stop? And how will it end?

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