Black Journalism Fellowship program with CBC/Radio-Canada and CTV News: Is this form of apartheid our latest Canadian lunacy?

Can someone explain to Bambi what is the purpose of initiatives like “Black Journalism Fellowship” or prior to it the “Indigenous Journalism Fellowship”?

Is the underlying message that such fellows cannot compete in the regular competitions of excellence?

Is it a good thing to divide us like that?

So, we will eventually have the Arab or Jewish or Muslim Journalism Fellowships? Or the left-handed journalism fellowship? Or the short-people fellowship award?

When will we stop and think about the consequences of our divisive policies and funding programs?

Can’t we be a professional journalist reporting facts and being respectful of people without being part of this tribe or that tribe?

Should we be of Lebanese origins to be able to report on the Beirut explosion and its human tragic consequences?

Should we indulge in prostitution ourselves to be able to support sex workers, to cite one of Bambi’s former professors?

When will we stop creating interest groups and making them holy (but only superficially without ever addressing any of their serious issues)?

Is this our new Canadian way of living from now on?

Will there be any Canada left in 25, 50, or 100 years if we all become like tribes living next to each other instead of being collectively one country?

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