A conversation between Bambi & Mr. Nasrallah

Those who read this blog on a regular basis may recall that Bambi developed a little pleasure in life recently, namely the hobby of replying to Mr. Nasrallah’s speeches. She may at times be sarcastic. At other times serious. At all times, she will speak up her mind without any self-restriction.

The text below comes from Mr. Nasrallah’s own speech of today. The bold sentences are Bambi’s replies.

For those who do not know this, Mr. Nasrallah is the head of the Hezbollah.

This post ends with two screenshots of an article published in Naharnet about Mr. Nasrallah’s speech.


Nasrallah: We welcomed President Macron’s role and the French initiative for helping Lebanon, but not for him to become a prosecutor, a ruler or a custodian over us. We still support the French initiative but the rhetoric must be reviewed, because national dignity was insulted two days ago.

Wow. So, Mr. Nasrallah got triggered by Mr. Macron. Funny how the insult works only when it comes from France and not when it comes from Iran, its Master.

Mr. Nasrallah, speak for your own “dignity”. Do not add the word national to it. Nations belong to people. Not to thugs who pretend to speak in its name.

Nasrallah to Macron: If you want to know who foiled your initiative, look for the Americans who imposed sanctions and are threatening to impose more and look for King Salman’s speech at the U.N.

Bambi does not know the details behind the scenes to know if this is a piece of truth or a lie hidden in a statement. She only knows that people do not believe anyone of their political leaders, especially those from the war era like yourself, Mr. Nasrallah. Since she has been away from Lebanon for over 30 years, miles away behind sea and ocean, she can see matters more clearly than you, especially that: (1) As a deer she is free by definition. She does not put anyone’s fate in the hands of external powers like Iran and (2) She does not feel scared because she is cornered like yourself.

Nasrallah: Iran does not interfere in the Lebanese affairs and it does not make dictations and we in the Shiite duo [he means Amal movement and Hezbollah, from the Shiite or Shia Muslim sect] take the decisions.

Mr. Nasrallah, it is not because you state something as the truth that it is true. No one believes you. So why do you keep lying? What’s wrong, Mr. Nasrallah. You stopped being proud of being a proxy for Iran all of a sudden ??

Plus, what an inspiring duo, you and your peers from the Amal movement. Wow. Amazing. You do not burn or destroy tents of Lebanese students and civilians who were revolting against their government’s systemic corruption/banking fraud. You do not indulge in any corruption neither. You are not allied with a movement that steals like the rest of the political system. Plus, you do not hide weapons.  

Nasrallah: We still welcome the French initiative, but the approach that was followed last month cannot be continued.

What is this initiative? What approach are you talking about?

Nasrallah: We do not accept that anyone addresses us with this language.

WOW. Your words will make Mr. Macron go hide in the ground floor of the Élysée Palace!

Nasrallah: We are not part of the corrupt political class.

If you say so… but just as reminder: “all of them means ALL of them!” (slogan of the Lebanese revolt of October 17, 2020).

Nasrallah to Macron: A settlement is different than surrender. We do not practice the game of terrorism and intimidation against anyone in Lebanon.

Ha!Ha!Ha! You could have been a comedian, Mr. Nasrallah. Do you know that? Perhaps you can change your vocation if you ever become unemployed.

Nasrallah: It was not us who chose war, the Zionists rather occupied our land.

What should Bambi say to this? The Israelis sadly occupied your land indeed. However, their occupation ended in 2000. That was 20 years ago, Mr. Nasrallah. Perhaps you did not choose that initial occupation indeed. However, sadly you keep choosing and re-choosing the rhetoric of war and the acts of violence over and over. You start wars or you provoke them or you indulge in them. Who pays the price? The innocent people of your country .

Nasrallah: We did not go to Syria to fight civilians. We went there at the invitation of the Syrian government to fight terrorist groups.

Perhaps you are saying some truth here. You did not plan to fight civilians… but you supported a dictator who conveniently got rid of a large part of his civilians who escaped to Lebanon, to neighbouring countries, and to Europe in HUGE numbers. Perhaps you did combat some who are religious freaks (like you… but the other side of the coin). However, did you ask your government for the permission to go to war? You did it behind their backs when they were telling the whole world that they were being “neutral”.

Nasrallah to Macron: Our enemies and friends know that we honor our pledges.

How dignified. Amazing.

Nasrallah to Macron: What you are asking from us contradicts with democracy. You are asking the parliamentary majority to bow and cede power to the parliamentary minority.

Ha!Ha!Ha! So Mr. Nasrallah is now giving lessons of democracy to the President of France.

Nasrallah to Macron: We did not say around the table that we would accept any government.

No clue what you said. Bambi does not care. It is your acts that matter the most. Not your blahblahblah.

Nasrallah: President Macron, who accused us of intimidation, is the one who practiced the intimidation policy against the heads of parties in order to pass the government.

Ha!Ha!Ha! Sometimes in life it is better to laugh than to cry.

Nasrallah: What if a new government decides to sell the state’s assets.

What if? Is this a threat? You sold people’s souls after selling your own soul to the devil whilst naming your party in the name of God.

Nasrallah: What if a government accepts the conditions of the IMF without any discussions.

What if? People want a government that will reform. People want impunity to end. People trust the IMF more than they trust you and your peers (all the other mafia-club).

Nasrallah: We should be in the government to protect the back of the resistance, so that Lebanon does not witness a government similar to the May 5, 2008 government.

Ha!Ha!Ha! you said the truth here, the whole truth: we should be in the government to protect the back of the resistance”. This is all what you care about: protecting yourself. Period! You hide in the government and/or behind the scenes. You do not want much exposure to avoid much sanctions and isolation. You are taking Lebanon down with you. Don’t you see that it is becoming not just Venezuela, not just Gaza… but worse than Somalia. When will you wake up Mr. Nasrallah? When will you decide to put Lebanon FIRST? 

Nasrallah: We cannot stay out of the government because we fear for the country and its people.

See, this is your dilemma. How to survive… How to manage when the American elections will take place. When Iran will come to its senses (or knees?), Lebanon may find itself finally safe again. You will remain part of its fabric but minus your military megalomania (proxy to Iran).

Nasrallah: The coercion method does not work in Lebanon, regardless of its advocates and sponsors, be them the U.S., France or Europe.

Only coercion works with thugs or delinquents.

Nasrallah: What was proposed last month was not a salvation government but rather a government named by the club of ex-PMs.

No clue about the details. The problem of Lebanon is being taken hostage between corruption (of all) and the hegemony of one group (yours… just to show that you are not isolated, you are now stressing your alliance with Mr. Berri). You are making it sound like it is about being Muslim Shia. It is not about sects or religion. It is about a philosophy of life. Yours is into a logic of war and destruction. People’s logic is about life and love. They do not want to die. They want to live in dignity and prosperity. Why don’t you get it?!

Nasrallah: The French initiative does not mention the number of ministers nor the rotation of portfolios.

Shame on you Mr. Nasrallah. This is not kindergarten where we distribute candies or pieces of cakes. This is supposed to be the government of a country!

Nasrallah: Some wanted to eliminate the parliamentary blocs and the President’s powers and they sought to introduce new norms.

No comment. Bambi does not care neither about the powers of the President nor about your own powers. This is about saving Lebanon from you!!! ALL of you!!

Nasrallah: The naming of ministers for all sects in Lebanon by a single person is dangerous for the country.

You are the danger, Mr. Nasrallah.

Nasrallah: It was not Adib who was negotiating with us over the government, but rather ex-PM Saad Hariri, and the club of ex-PMs wanted to distribute the portfolios and name the ministers alone.

No, this Mr. Adib may have been decent, who knows? He recognized that he was being used, most likely by yourself. This is why he stepped down. How many more PM are you going to sacrifice?

Nasrallah: Adib did not consult with President Aoun.

No clue if he did or did not. He is doomed in either way. You made him fail (remember, you are the proxy…).

Nasrallah: The French must know where they erred, especially as to eliminating the President’s most important remaining power, which is participation in the formation of governments.

Mr. Nasrallah, please give us a break. Stop the blahblahblah.

Nasrallah: We did not put any conditions when Mustafa Adib was nominated and did not make any prior agreement to show our intention to facilitate the process.

Sure ?. We all believe you. Very convincing. Just like when you said you did not know anything about the port. Same like the explosion in the south of the country last week. We all believed you. It was not related to your weapons. It was all about the same welders and the same firework. Yay, all meant for festivals of love and fun in Lebanon!

Nasrallah: We do not place missiles at Beirut port nor near a gas station and we know very well where we should place our missiles.

How clever. Amazing.

Nasrallah: Hizbullah is not obliged to invite journalists to any site mentioned by Netanyahu, but we are doing this now due to the sensitivity of the situation after the August 4 explosion.

How sensitive. How noble. Amazing.

Nasrallah on Netanyahu’s allegations: Hizbullah’s media relations department is calling media outlets to invite them to the site.

How generous. How wise. Wow!

Nasrallah: The Israeli enemy is maintaining the highest level of alertness on Lebanon’s border and this is something good.

Bambi does not care about either you or them. ENOUGH of stupidity both of you!!

Nasrallah said Hizbullah still intends to retaliate to the killing of one of its fighters in Syria.

Sorry for the loss of life of this person. Bambi hopes it is not a youth you brainwashed to go to war ☹. As for your logic of revenge and hate, so sad to see you a prisoner of your stupid ideology. You must be a sad man deep inside, Mr. Nasrallah. Why don’t you learn to relax and just live life… while at it, can you let others also live their life!!!??

Nasrallah: The armed groups in north Lebanon were plotting major military action.

Perhaps so. Perhaps an external force is interfering there (Turkey? Other? Who knows?). This is not your business Mr. Nasrallah. It is the Lebanese army’s role that sadly saw two of its soldiers killed.

Nasrallah offered condolences to Kuwait over the death of Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, saying the late leader played a “personal and major role” in ending Lebanon’s civil war.

May he rest in peace. Why don’t you honour his memory by ending YOUR wars now?

Nasrallah said security forces made major achievements against the extremist groups in the North during the latest confrontations.

Why are you telling us this? To make the people think that you are the hero or the savour? In other terms, a needed force against any Islamism of the other side of the coin? This is not your role. This is the Lebanese army and Lebanese secret services role only. Do not take credit for their heroism.

Taken from Naharnet
Taken from Naharnet

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  1. Wish you were able to have this discussion with him, so that he can know what we really think of him and his actions.
    As for me, I do not believe any word he said.

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