Is Mr. Netanyahu right about Beirut “ticking bombs”?

All the pictures below were published in Naharnet, taken from the above video:

A major part of Beirut was destroyed on August 4th, 2020. About 200 people died and over 6000+ were injured. Many citizens are now homeless. Four hospitals were fully destroyed, several schools heavily damaged, and a high number of businesses are now closed.

Whether the ammonium nitrate of the Beirut explosion was just mere carelessness or meant to be used as weapons, Bambi does not care… In either case, in her mind, it is a story of criminal negligence (in addition to political stupidity). It is a crime against one’s population and city. Once again, where is the international investigation!?

Enough of human tragedies in Beirut/Lebanon. ENOUGH of stories of dangerous weapons and risky behaviours, whether the video above is accurate or not.

KAFA“, as they say in Arabic!!

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