Thanks to Mr. Macron but, when dealing with thugs, we need more than diplomacy

Mr. Macron gave a press conference about Lebanon.

He said he is ashamed of Lebanese politicians. He added that “the Hezbollah should not think it is stronger than it actually is“.

He gave the Lebanese politicians 4-6 weeks to form a government.

Well, this timeline brings us to what matters the most in the region: The results of the American elections.

It is Bambi’s hope that Mr. Trump would be re-elected. No, it is not because she finds him friendly, articulate, respectful, inspiring, or beneficial to our Canadian business interests.

It is simply because he is enough of a “jerk” to truly make thugs like the Iranian regime feel threatened.

Once they do start to behave, then there is room for more diplomatic approaches.

From what Bambi understood from today’s press conference, Mr. Macron, although well-meaning, seems more like Mr. Obama. The latter has used the term “red line” with Mr. Assad more than once (about his chemical weapons in the Syrian war). Did he act on his words? No. He lost his credibility, even if he is well-spoken (contrary to Mr. Trump).

This is the sad reality when we are dealing with delinquents. Kindness does not work. Actually, any kindness will be interpreted by them as a sign of weakness.

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