Did the Halifax Regional Municipality ask Haligonians if they wish to see BLM painted on their streets… with their own tax money?


We learned from the above article that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is to be painted on the streets of Halifax.

Why do Canadian politicians always feel the need for virtue signalling?

Why can’t they be genuinely respectful of all citizens without having to show the whole world how good they are, how morally noble, and even superior to the rest of us?

We saw the same phenomenon with Montréal Mayor, Ms. Mayor Valérie Plante, another highly illuminated politician. She seems to have forgotten to consult her citizens on this matter. Perhaps she so much wants to be part of the latest global fashion that she often genuinely forgets that her metropolitan city remains part of the province of Québec, which the last time Bambi checked, was still in Canada (not in the USA). If you do not believe Bambi, go listen to Ms. Plante’s first official speech as a Mayor. She spoke to her citizens in English, imagine (not even French, the official language of her province!). Her excuse was that she forgot which language she was speaking ?.   

To come back to Halifax now, did its regional municipality impose its illuminated ideology on Haligonians, like Ms. Plante (https://globalnews.ca/news/7176516/black-lives-matter-street-sign/)? Or did they think of asking their citizens how they feel prior to their decision?

Although she may be wrong, Bambi suspects that only a minority of hardcore activists may be all for BLM paintings. Some may be too naïve to realize the implications of such movements with their unrealistic demands. In contrast, most of the people likely do not endorse this radical movement. For them, all lives matter. In other terms, you or Bambi do not matter neither more nor less because of so-called skin colour (or whatever race-based descriptive). We are all Canadians. We all deserve respect, regardless of our ethnolinguistic background. We all have a responsibility toward our city and country. We are all citizens to the same extent and under the same rule of law.  

We are blessed to live in a country that, although VERY far from being perfect, is likely one of the most beautiful places in the world! So, please let’s not import slogans that, even if they sound empty to some, they can be used to divide us, regardless of any noble intentions.

4 thoughts on “Did the Halifax Regional Municipality ask Haligonians if they wish to see BLM painted on their streets… with their own tax money?”

  1. A whole Ph.D., a whole professor of psychology, and you can’t recognize your obsession with denying other people’s suffering to soothe your ego and personal identity. Giving you the validation you are desperately seeking: we hear you! You’re saying, « I am NOT a « victim »!!!! ». That is your baggage; understand that.

    While you are busy on this blog romanticizing the space around you and engaging in philosophical musings about how the acknowledgment of Black and Indigenous people’s plea for an end to violence against them somehow imposes an “ideology” on you, people are actually fighting for their human rights to protect themselves and their families from harm. The harm that a person with your stature and education should be readily aware of given the overwhelming evidence to prove its existence. Take some time to learn Canadian history and the current realities people face that are different from your own, without the filter of your emotions and ego. How are you meant to understand other people’s experiences if you’re your only point of reference? And this doesn’t apply both ways because you’re the one who’s taking offense to other people’s fight for dignity and respect; remember that. If you are already benefiting from the respect of your rights and dignity, I’m glad for you! But not everyone always has these same benefits. So why does it hurt your feelings when people take action to change this matter of fact?

    Go on sharing your thoughts and feelings, it’s your choice. No one can make you have empathy for other people’s struggles instead of mocking them, no one can make you heal from whatever you need to heal from that is causing this obnoxious behavior, and no one can make you care about understanding the effects of your views. But don’t be upset when people move accordingly to protect themselves from your character. I hope you gain the maturity, accountability, and respect for others you’re lacking, [Bambi].

    1. Thank you for your comment, even if Bambi does not agree… She just does not believe in censorship. Do you think that someone who grew up in the atrocities of civil war would be “obsessed” “with denying other people’s sufferings”?

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