While many countries, including Canada, are calling their citizens to leave Lebanon immediately, the “woke” of Montreal tell us that “peace” is a “white man’s word”. Is there anything more absurd than that?

Bambi will spare you a City News Montreal video showing protesters trying to topple down Queen Victoria’s status two nights ago. Instead, she will only share a picture, with the following absurd slogan (in English, not in French, mind you): “Peace is the white man’s word. The word resistance is ours“.

On which planet does the person who came up with this slogan live? Although it is a planet of activism (i.e., regardless of the cause du jour), it does not seem to be a planet of reality, nuances, common sense, and… humanity, despite any good intention.

This being said, may God/Allah/G-d/Gods/No God (pick the word you wish; they all apply) of love have mercy on the Middle East, and all ongoing armed conflicts, to protect ALL the innocent citizens caught in the middle of unwanted violence. May peace prevail. May love triumph… and may everyone be safe and sound.

As for Montreal, Québec, and Canada, may common sense know how to find its way back to them again. It is about time.

A picture taken from City News Montreal

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