Happy wishes to Sally for her birthday, to Jeannot and Jean for their name day, and to Québec for its “Fête Nationale”!

May you all be happy!

Happy Birthday, dearest Sally. Thank you for being yourself and for regularly enriching this blog with your comments. With love, Bambi wishes you a great day/year.

As for you Jeannot (or Jean) and Jean, Happy Name Day and best wishes from Bambi who is thinking of both of you.

This being said, now is the time to wish all the Francophones of North America, including those in Atlantic Canada and especially Québeckers a Happy Saint-Jean. As for you, beloved Québec, “Bonne Fête Nationale” .

For those of you who do not know it yet, Bambi loves the province of Québec a lot that her brain feels that she has a long weekend (even without the latter). Indeed, she has felt like this on every June 24 for the past twenty years. Yes, our brain is not only a complex but also a strange organ sometimes :). Who knows? Maybe Bambi’s brain is simply being like Québec’s slogan: “Je me souviens” [I Remember]!

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