Ms. Mariam Pal’s “Ballet is Not for Muslim Girls” was named Best Multicultural Memoir of 2023!

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A few days ago, Bambi highly recommended a memoir called “Ballet is Not for Muslim Girls” by Ms. Mariam Pal, as per the post shown below. Of note, this was Ms. Pal’s first book and guess what? It was named “Best Multicultural Memoir of 2023″ by Memoire Magazine ( Bravo to Ms. Pal!

Now, if you think that the above was the only happy update that Bambi is sharing with you now, your thought is not completely accurate. Indeed, Ms. Pal completed the manuscript of her second book, which is entitled “Definitely Not One of the Guys“. Bambi is delighted because it is about her inspiring career in international development.

Of note, following the older post shown further below, many of you privately wrote to Bambi, literally from different continents, to share the following exciting statements: Ms. Mariam Pal’s memoir is on your reading list, you are literally about to begin reading the book, or you have enjoyed the information about it.

So, hurry up, everyone. Indeed, it would be timely to read Ms. Pal’s first award-nominated book soon because, as mentioned above, her second one is being ready to be published. As for your Mariam Pal, and if she may, Bambi will conclude by offering you the “Mabrouk” [or Congrats] Lebanese song by Mr. Rami Ayash :). Well-deserved. Keep up your outstanding work, please!

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