Can you be happy for others despite your own issues?

I am happy for your happiness

Did you know that today is National I Want You to Be Happy Day ( The idea underlying such a day is simple: it is about letting others know that we want them to be happy.

How can make people feel that their happiness matter to you? Well, each person’s relationship with happiness is a personalized one. This means that what makes you or makes Bambi happy is different from what makes others happy.

Thus, by understanding and respecting what makes others personally happy, we can genuinely value their happiness. Even if the latter does not come naturally to some of us, simple acts of kindness contribute to make others happy. In return, such acts can be highly self-rewarding (, a little bit like the spirit of the first kids’ song shared below.

Indeed, according to Dr. Shuman, the mere practice of celebrating others’ good/happy news would not only improve our social relationships, but also our own mental health ( The good news here is that feeling happy for others does not invalidate our own struggles ( In other terms, we can rejoice for others, even when we think life sucks.

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