“Ballet is Not for Muslim Girls”: Ms. Mariam Pal’s memoir is highly recommended!

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If you are looking for a captivating book to read on days off, or to offer it to a loved one, “Ballet is Not for Muslim Girls” is a title to keep in mind (https://shorturl.at/fjsAQ). Indeed, Bambi enjoyed every word of this book from its start to its end. In this post, she will provide a summary as well as a portrait of what this highly engaging book looks like.

Growing up in a Polish-Pakistani “statistically Muslim” Canadian family in the 60s and 70s in the back-then less diverse Victoria, BC, Ms. Mariam’s S. Pal “struggled to navigate three cultures…”. To begin with, as honestly and cleverly described in her book blurb, even Ms. Pal’s first name was hard to pronounce by so many. She was called Marian or Marylin, but not Mariam.

Bearing the above in mind, if you are curious about the choice behind the title of Ms. Pal’s memoir, your curiosity will serve you well. Purchase Ms. Pal’s book and start reading it fast because one thing is sure: you will fall in love with it!

Indeed, as far as Bambi is concerned, as she read through Ms. Pal’s memoir, she was fascinated by her outstanding writing style, uniquely rich life story, vivid intelligence, strong personality, education and talent, inspiring international development career, sense of humour (at times sarcastic), sense of perspective and tenderness for her family, despite her lucidity and fresh honesty.

Of note, each chapter of this memoir stands on its own, like and independent reading.The latter makes the book easier to follow and return too. If you are a visual person, like Bambi, you will enjoy how Ms. Pal outlined her memoir with photographs of herself and of her parents.

A picture taken from Amazon.ca

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