Ms. Leila Milki does “not want to fall in love, just fall asleep”

Bambi has no secrets for her blog’s regular readers. Everyone knows that she is a fan of Ms. Leila Milki, as per the four older posts shown further below.

Ms. Milki is an award-winning Lebanese-American singer from Los Angeles. Bambi will repeat again that she was thrilled when this artist wrote a comment on her blog: “Hiii! I’m just finding this – thank you so much for sharing my music and for your lovely words!! I’m very glad you’ve been enjoying these videos ? please stay in touch – would love to connect!(socials: @leilamilkimusic)”.

As as reminder, her reply to her was as follows: “Wow– Ms. Leila Milki herself writing on Bambi’s blog! Bambi is SO HONOURED!! Please keep up your incredible talent and impressive work! You cannot imagine how many people reached out to Bambi to thank her for this post, expressing their admiration for your talent (from Canada, the USA, Lebanon, and Europe too) ❤️. Thank you and Bambi will keep in touch (email noted), count on her!”

This being said, this post is meant to share with you a beautiful orchestral ballad written by Ms. Milki who describes her musical piece as follows: it is “around the longing to escape a painful reality/disillusionment by hiding out in my dreams… would love to know what it sparks in you!”. The lyrics, composition, and piano, vocals were composed by herself. As for the string quartet, it was arranged by Ms. Abby Abdel- Khalek. Bravo to both artists!

Thanks Ms. Leila Milki for your talent. More healing to your heart… and sweet dreams :)!

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