Ms. Leila Milki sings Acapella “Helwa Ya Baladi” of Dalida!

Ms. Leila Milki

Bambi was recently VERY honoured and excited when Ms. Leila Milki posted a comment on her blog. For those who did not read it, it goes like this:

“Hiii! I’m just finding this – thank you so much for sharing my music and for your lovely words!! I’m very glad you’ve been enjoying these videos ? please stay in touch – would love to connect!

(socials: @leilamilkimusic)”.

Bambi replied as follows:

“Wow– Ms. Leila Milki herself writing on Bambi’s blog! Bambi is SO HONOURED!! Please keep up your incredible talent and impressive work! You cannot imagine how many people reached out to Bambi to thank her for this post, expressing their admiration for your talent (from Canada, the USA, Lebanon, and Europe too) ❤️. Thank you and Bambi will keep in touch (email noted), count on her!”

Before and after the exchange shown above, comments about Ms. Milki’s beautiful voice and talent kept being posted by the readers of Bambi’s blog, as you can see in the original post at the bottom of the current one.

Very generously and kindly, Ms. Milki emailed Bambi, asking her to be sure to thank her readers on her behalf!

Well, as a gift to those readers specifically and to all of you in general, here is the latest video of Ms. Leila Milki singing Dalida’s “Helwa Ya Baladi” [“My country is beautiful”] Acapella. What a pure and beautiful voice! Please Leila Milki keep singing for us. We all appreciate your talent. Yes, our hearts are filled with love for you ❤️ !

To continue with the spirit of love, since it is still July 1st for the next three hours (until midnight), Bambi will dedicate Ms. Leila Milki’s most recent song-video to you Canada ❤️. In three days, it will be the turn of your own country, Ms. Milki, to be celebrated… and of course this song is always appropriate for our beloved birth country, Lebanon!

2 thoughts on “Ms. Leila Milki sings Acapella “Helwa Ya Baladi” of Dalida!”

  1. Wawwww beautiful voice ?? thanks Bambi for sharing and introducing to us this beautiful talented singer ??
    And her message to you is so nice??

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