Meet Ms. Leila Milki, an award-winning Lebanese-American artist: She plays the piano, the guitar, and sings in several languages!

Bambi just discovered the unique talent of Ms. Leila Milki… thanks to YouTube.

Ms. Milki is an award-winning Lebanese-American artist:

To her, Bambi will say: Thank you, bravo, and please keep singing and making our world a more beautiful place!

This being said, Bambi is eager to share with you her precious musical discovery!

The first song in French was Ms. Melki’s tribute to Beirut in August 2021 (one year after the surrealistic port explosion). She chose to interpret Mr. Jacques Brel’s “Ne me quitte pas” [Please, do not leave me]. She does not know about you, but Bambi’s heart will always be moved by the powerful text/melody of this eternal song. Thank you, Ms. Leila Milki, for your beautiful interpretation!

The second French song is La Bohème. The late Mr. Aznavour would have been proud to listen to this version of his beautiful song, Bambi is convinced!

The third English song is “Freedom” by Beyoncé. Bravo as well!

And now, if you are homesick for the Christmas season, here is an English carol for you :). What a very nice fourth song!

The fifth song is a great Medley of Fairouz’ Nihna Wel Amar Giran [The moon, our neighbour] and Ms. Edith Piaf’s La vie en Rose. Bravo to the two artists!

Finally, the last song is Fairouz’ Bint el Shalabiaya [a song about a pretty girl]. Bambi hopes you will enjoy it, especially you Alexis if you are reading until now :).

7 thoughts on “Meet Ms. Leila Milki, an award-winning Lebanese-American artist: She plays the piano, the guitar, and sings in several languages!”

    1. Coming from someone who herself has a beautiful voice and appreciates arts, it means a lot. Bambi thanks you Leila.

  1. Hiii! I’m just finding this – thank you so much for sharing my music and for your lovely words!! I’m very glad you’ve been enjoying these videos 🙂 please stay in touch – would love to connect!

    (socials: @leilamilkimusic)

    1. Wow– Ms. Leila Milki herself writing on Bambi’s blog! Bambi is SO HONOURED!! Please keep up your incredible talent and impressive work! You cannot imagine how many people reached out to Bambi to thank her for this post, expressing their admiration for your talent (from Canada, the USA, Lebanon, and Europe too) ❤️. Thank you and Bambi will keep in touch (email noted), count on her!

  2. Wawww what a beautiful voice she has??? thank you Bambi !!! I haven’t heard of her before !!! Will share your message with my friends ??

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