Mr. Guy Béart: Had he been still alive, it would have been his birthday today

Almost two years ago, Bambi dedicated a post to a song by Mr. Guy Béart, entitled “Liban Libre” [Free Lebanon], shown further below. Béart composed the music and wrote the lyrics of his powerful melody in 1989. This was exactly one year before the end of an absurd and cruel 15-year civil war.

Bambi recalls how Mr. Guy Béart visited Lebanon on a boat trip, from out of France, to show his solidarity with the civilians of his parents’ birth country. Today, she wants to pause to pay tribute to the memory of the late and talented Guy Béart. She is doing so because the latter was born on July 16 (1930). Although his own life ended on September 16 (2015) (, luckily his song is eternal.

Thank you, Mr. Béart for your attachment to your parents’ and to Bambi’s birth place. Most importantly, many thanks for your French song (with a couple of words in Arabic), which is all about unity, peace, and healing among the Lebanese people. Your song remains timely, perhaps today more than ever. Indeed, to what extent is Lebanon free now, you may be perhaps wondering from heaven?

Regardless of the answer to the question raised above, may all the countries of the world (including Lebanon as well as Canada and France) enjoy stability, liberty, unity, and prosperity… along with an urge, by their respective residents, to love one another.

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