Bravo Mr. Kenny Xu for winning your case against Harvard University, bringing fairness back to admissions

There is nothing like fairness in life

Bambi was honoured when she was interviewed by Mr. Kenny Xu on July 28, 2021.

She also read his very thoughtful book entitled “An inconvenient minority” (mentioned in the older post, shown further below), which she highly recommends to her readers. Of note, he now published another book, School of Woke; she looks forward to reading it too.

Mr. Kenny Xu, a second-generation American of Chinese origins and President/Primary Spokesman of “Color us United“, has challenged Harvard University for discrimination against Asian Americans. Bravo to him!

Today, his efforts were fruitful with some common sense coming from the Supreme Court. The latter said no to this prestigious university’s discriminatory admission program, which forgot about the value of merit; assigning a 95% chance of admission for an American with a black skin versus a 25% chance of admission to an American of an Asian background.

Despite any stated so-called noble intention behind the establishment of this program, called affirmative action, it does not bring fairness to anyone. It actually discriminates against students of Asian backgrounds while giving a rather sad message to the African-American student: you made it but only because we forced it, not based on your academic excellence, and thus, merit.

For Bambi, that was a piece of good news from today [yesterday rather, since it is midnight :)]. She wanted to highlight it in this post before going to sleep. Congratulations and thank you, Mr. Xu!

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