To Robine (Bambi’s mom), Bernadette (Louis’ mom), and all the mothers of Canada and the USA: Happy Mothers’ Day!

Happy Canada’s Mothers Day, “Mama”!

First and foremost, to you “Mama”, “habibi” ❤️ !

And to you, “chère” Bernadette” ❤️ !

To our mothers (whether on earth or in heaven), godmothers [a wink to Bambi’s aunty Nadia in heaven ❤️], grand-mothers, aunts (a heavenly wink to Renée and Salwa), mothers-in-law, mothers of friends, all the mother figures in all their roles, whatever and whoever they are, sisters, friends, readers of this blog and fellow citizens who are either mothers or have taken care of AND inspired younger siblings or generations (hello Roula 🙂 ❤️!). The latter may include mothers-to-be (if they will want to, of course, and if life will cooperate)… To all of you, Bambi will say: This is your weekend, tomorrow is your day, enjoy it, and THANK you everyday!

As you can guess, this post will end in music. First, Mr. Kendi Girac’s melody is a must. His French song, entitled “Les Yeux de la Mama” [Mama’s Eyes] is sub-titled in English and Arabic. The second melody is the same song by Kids United, which is sub-titled in French only. The third song is Mr. Michael Bublé’s Mother; yes in English. As for the last piece, it is especially dedicated to you mom with MUCH love ❤️, with the voice of your own little Bambi (when she was a child). It is in standard Arabic. Do not worry, it is not a song, thankfully for your ears :)! It is just a poem about a little boy who misses his late mom. Bambi knows that you love this poem and it was shared on this blog in the past, thanks to a gift from her dad ❤️ (post shown further below).

Happy Mothers’ Day to All ❤️!

2 thoughts on “To Robine (Bambi’s mom), Bernadette (Louis’ mom), and all the mothers of Canada and the USA: Happy Mothers’ Day!”

  1. Yet another beautiful post Bambi! And such a treat and joy to hear your young voice (even though I do not have the gift of any other language except English – unlike you – another of your many talents)! Thanks for sharing. No wonder you are such a special person – you clearly come from very special parents ?).

    1. Oh Dearest Jane, Bambi wishes you a Wonderful Mothers’ Day ❤️! MANY thanks for your kind words about her parents. She is biased for sure, but they are wonderful people these two :). Seriously, thank you for your kind words about her young voice so taken by this moving poem. You may not speak standard Arabic. Despite the beauty of this rich language, you speak and understand a much more universal AND needed language in our world today: the language of LOVE. Your talents are in different areas (professional, educational, life-related) and they are a source of inspiration for Bambi, especially Motherhood! THANK you for the latter and for your comment too.

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