Ms. Talia Lahoud: Three songs to Bambi’s mom and dad!

El Massih Kam” [Christ is Risen], mom and dad (et al.) :)! Yes, it is Easter weekend (again) at your end: may it bring JOY to you hearts and a MUCH needed resurrection to your Lebanon. For fun, Bambi would like to offer you three songs today by the talented and uplifting Ms. Talia Lahoud.

The first melody is a Fairouz song called “Emy namet wa bakir” [My mom went to bed early], sub-titled in English. It makes Bambi think of you each time she hears its start: it is about a daughter who escaped from her room window to attend a party. Although slightly different, Bambi knows a better love story involving two young ones and a vespa 🙂 ❤️.

OK, guess what it your second song now? It is a Shorts video of La Vie en Rose in Arabic, French, and English. Again, this song is making Bambi think of you. Please tell her if this place in which Ms. Lahoud is singing is in Beirut, precisely near that beautiful church (or cathedral?) where you got married?!

Last but not least, your third song is definitely taped from one of those beautiful stairs in Beirut, not too far from where you live and across from the port of the city. It is a love song, which Bambi adores. She introduced it on this blog in the past, “Khidni Maak” [Take me with you], as shown further below.

Almost every time Bambi saw or took the stairs mentioned above, in the past 33 years while visiting Lebanon, she recalled her childhood/youth memories with friends or alone; often in joy, but once in a fearful moment under a sudden heavy shelling. She often also thought of you two, wondering if you had also played on those same stairs. Her last visit there was in July 2022 with her sisters and a cousin. It was sad to witness the after-effects or hear horrible stories of the 2020 Beirut port explosion.

To end this post on a joyful note, long live your long love story and the seeds and roots of hope [“rajaa” in Arabic or “espérance” in French] in your hearts, dear mom and dad ❤️ ❤️ . Happy Easter again!

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