Mr. Mark Hachem: “How Lebanese people calculate time”

Bambi would like to start by thanking her dear friend Spencer for sharing an amusing video entitled “How Lebanese people calculate time” by the talented Mr. Mark Hachem (Montreal, Québec) ❤️!

In addition, she is grateful for Spencer for adding: “I have always found you punctual. I guess you adjusted to Canadian time” :). Bambi will add “Yes maybe… perhaps minus Air Canada time“. OK, of course, she is not talking about storms, post-storm, and pandemic times. They are a headache to everyone. Her joke is more general.

Seriously now, Spencer is right. When Bambi started to travel to Lebanon in her early twenties, relatives, friends, or neighbours almost all used to tease her when she would knock on their door by saying: “Ahla bi el Canadieh!” [Welcome to the Canadian!]; Indeed, she was always on time even when still jet lagged. Here at home, she is even almost always ahead of time to the point o having to wait in cars before a visit; it would be impolite to arrive a few minutes early :).

Anyhow, the topic of time was also the focus of an earlier post entitled “To what extent do you value time, yours and others‘?”, shared further below.

To end the current post on a musical note, here is a passionate performance of “Avec le temps…” [With time…”] by an incredibly talented 28-year-old man, Mr. Robin, during the French blind auditions of “The Voice“. Isn’t he heart-warming?

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