Saint Mary’s church in Montreal: isn’t the Byzantine Arabic chant for Jesus who died on the cross on this Holy Thursday moving?

With a melting heart, and even if she already celebrated Easter with the majority last week, Bambi thanks her friend Greta for sharing a spiritual moment at a church in Montreal (Québec), which she used to visit on such an evening during 15 years (before moving to Toronto, Ontario). For her, it is moving to hear the beautiful Greek Orthodox, sad yet hopeful, melody of her childhood in Beirut. In the video shared below, she was also happy to see the priest who happens to be a family friend (hello “Abouna” or “Père” Michel :)).

In addition to Greta mentioned above, Bambi would like to also thank Rita for sharing a similar beautiful moment from a church in Washington, USA. Same for Zeina from Beirut, Lebanon. How sweet of you all to think of your friend and cousin in Sackville, New Brunswick. You know how much she loves the Byzantine chants and, like you all, her heart cannot be indifferent to the beautiful story of Jesus, whether we call him an ordinary man, a good guy or… the Messiah.

May this season be a blessed one to all ❤️.

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