Welcome, Dino!

Dear Roula et al.:

You may not believe it, but Bambi had in mind to surprise you with a post meant to welcome little “Dino” into your family (and in our larger one too).

Well, just before going to sleep now, she thought of reading the news from the Middle East. While doing so, she came across your Tweet Roula about Dino and it is in English [no need for any translation :)]!

Is there anything cuter than Dino?! Bambi fell in love with him and she looks forward to meeting him one day [OK minus any allergies :)].

She trusts he will bring you love and fun moments.

She knows you will bring him safety, food and, much love.

As for your dear Kayla, please trust that she also remains alive in Bambi’s memory since her earlier post about her (shown further below)❤️.

To conclude this brief post on a rather light note, Bambi would like to offer Dino the Lambada dance by a cat, along with two songs: (1) a Lebanese-Arabic one also about a cat [“Bissi”] called “Sissi“; and (2) a famous French kids’ song entitled “C’est la mère Michel qui a perdu son chat” : )!

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