Do you cultivate self-love?

Bambi has always been fascinated by those declared international or national days.

Some days are useful to raise awareness or to bring meaning into our daily lives.

Other days may seem senseless or odd to the point of becoming more than funny.

Well, today is “Self-love Day” and it falls on the day preceding Love (or Valentine’s) Day.

Self-love is all about self-respect and self-kindness.

It is surely a sign of a healthy relationship with oneself, which is essential to all relationships in life, whether romantic, friendly, familial, professional, etc.

It is the basis and the precursor. It is the start and it is the end… in the sense that we come into the world alone and we leave it alone, even if are surrounded by a tribe of loved ones.

Thus, we have an interest in being in good terms with ourselves all our lives. Getting to know and being kind with ourselves. This is essential across all the seasons of our journeys. Sometimes, perhaps in more vulnerable seasons like in grief, it may become critical, if not urgent for our survival, sanity, and continuous personal growth, to re-connect with oneself. Yes, this means putting ourselves first, being true with oneself, and re-cultivating (and enjoying!) self-love, if we lost track of it. At times, it may require us to even take baby steps to re-learn how to self-love.

Tonight, before going to sleep, Bambi wants to offer herself a musical treat. Yes, remember today is all about self-love :). One of her pleasures in life is to listen to Mr. Kendji Girac. So, she will self-indulge. However, because she cannot help not to care for you too dear readers, she will also offer you this musical moment. Yes, it is a melody meant to all of us, perhaps especially to women. Indeed, the song is called “Vous les femmes” [“You Women”]. It is originally by Mr. Julio Iglesias. Mr. Girac did a unique and lovely interpretation of it. Bambi hopes you will enjoy it!

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