Ms. Amira Elghawaby: Does Mr. Trudeau think we are stupid?

Today, the Government of Québec called for the resignation of the federal representative against Islamophobia. Bravo because her nomination is a joke, to say the least (, as per the two posts shown further below.

Now the question that begs itself is the following:

Talking about this Mr. Elghawaby, Mr. Trudeau said that “over the years, she has had the opportunity to consider the impacts of various pieces of legislature on the community — part of what makes her role important. He said Elghawaby was appointed because she knows the Muslim community well and can share their concerns. She is there to speak for the community with the community and build bridges. Her job now is to make sure that she is helping the government and helping everyone move forward in the fight against Islamophobia”.

Since when there is one single Muslim community, Mr. Trudeau? Since when there is one single Jewish community as well?

Ms. Elghawaby may know how to speak our government language well. Hence her political nomination. She surely does not represent the majority of the Canadian Muslims (and specifically women; some are observant and others are not), whether of Arabic ethnolinguistic background or not. Same for Mr. Bernie Farber, he does not represent all the Canadian Jews, for sure.

So, Mr. Trudeau, how can you talk about “bridge building” when Ms. Elghawaby’s words are too divisive and too disrespectful toward the people of Québec and their democratic choices? Do you really think that we are too stupid to this extent to swallow your descriptive words?

In other terms, words have meaning, Mr. Trudeau (at least still in Bambi’s dictionary, even in our collectively insane times). When you allowed yourself to call a political opponent “racist” or your fellow Canadians, who did not get vaccinated, “racist and misogynistic extremists“, how can we believe you now when you tell us that Ms. Elghawaby is a bridge builder?

3 thoughts on “Ms. Amira Elghawaby: Does Mr. Trudeau think we are stupid?”

  1. Agitating, organizing, educating.. that is the mantra of these type of change agents and Saul Alinsky-ites… there’s a good film on this change agent regime which is Trudeau’s M.O.
    I think I saw this woman featured at the antihatenetwork’s stuff too… try not to let their chatterings get uner your skin [if you want to be happy] because in my experience people say to your face – one on one – much more reasonable things in general – but the fact these ‘characters’ get highlighted shows your their Agenda is divide and conquer, that’s a game plan that’s widely deployed. As my late friend Niki Raapana would say “you have to stop choosing sides” to end this game.

  2. The situation is a FUBAR as we do need people to do all this important work and then some but Justin Trudeau is no more talented at making appointments than was Stephen Harper.

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