“We meet new people, we leave other people”: an uplifting song, regardless of the singer!

As the song goes: “Our life can change, or turn upside
down, in one second. What can we do“?

A while ago, Bambi translated Ms. Yasmine Ali’s beautiful Egyptian-Arabic song, entitled “Meeting new people, leaving other people” into English, as per the older post shown at the end of this one.

Today, this song was on her mind since this morning. If she may, she would like to share what she thinks is a lovely a cappella performance of it by Lebanese singer Shireen ABusaad.

Each of our relationships can teach us a precious lesson. May your life be enriched with meaningful relationships, whether they last a season or a lifetime.

We meet new people, we leave other people.

Our life can change, or turn upside down, in one second. What can we do?

This one is harming another person, this one is being hurt. This one is living in the past.

And our life conditions are baffling. If we are satisfied, they will deteriorate. Yes, we will be upset.

 And whose life is always safe? No one can guarantee the future days.

The one who is satisfied with his life conditions and differentiates between “halal” (good or allowed in life) and “haram” (unlawful or prohibited).

A question and its answer, we know it, although one day we will forget it, and what do we take with us in the end?

As long as we leave the world and we will leave it, why will we be upset?

A piece of advice, just live and do not let anything disturb your peace of mind.

Take one minute only to look around you and you will see the sun shining brightly.

And then, at the height of the night, you will see the beautiful moon enlightening you.

Other than joy and laughter, do not leave in your features when you will go.

What are you arranging and calculating? What will happen will end up happening to you.

Hope is so close to those who want to see it. You will be optimistic, and life will laugh back to you, in the blink of an eye, and the world will be yours.

Our lives are hours that we paint and beautify with colours.

With one colour, we choose to end life and with another colour we can give our life safety.

Tomorrow your worries will pass; there is nothing that shall not pass.

A life that wants you to be strong; the more you feel empowered, the fullest you will live.

We meet new people, we leave other people.

Our life can change or turn upside down in one second, what can we do?

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