“Tante” Renée: Happy birthday, get well soon, and thanks for inspiring Bambi with your wisdom regarding goodness!

Bambi has two aunts, maternal and paternal, called “Renée”. Last November, she honoured the first, as shown further below. Today, she wants to devote this post to her maternal aunt Renée who is coping with pain, post-surgery, while celebrating her birthday.

Bambi loves you a lot, dearest “tante” [or aunty] Renée ❤️. She sends you daily positive vibes through her heart’s prayer in addition to warm (and fond) regards across the miles. Of course, she also wants to wish you a Happy/ier Birthday with the song below.

To conclude this post, Bambi will thank you Renée for the inspiration in life from her childhood, through her youth, and into her adult life. For instance, she will always remember what you wrote in her little diary filled with thoughtful notes from loved ones when she was 8 years old. She still has this booklet in a sealed box in her basement called “Memories from Lebanon“. Yes, it travelled sea, ocean, and across three different Canadian provinces. Your inspiring note, written in French, reads as follows: “Be good [Bambi]. Goodness contains the other virtues“.

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