Mr. Pierre Poilievre: thank you for your wise words calling for unity, instead of increased divisiveness

Bambi does not care in which political family someone is a member of. She only cares about their wise messages or good acts. Today, Mr. Poilievre was that wise Canadian politician, in both languages.

No to increased divisiveness. Yes for respect for all, including Québeckers (+ Jewish Canadians and police, etc.). Yes for unity in our country. Yes also for respecting the voices of the majority of Canadians who happen to be moderate Muslims, whether their ethnolinguistic heritage is Arab or not. They all want to see more harmony and less radicalism in Canada. They left their troubled home birth countries, precisely because of extremism and tribalism. They have never ever imagined that their adoptive country will be in such a mess, which in the end can only serve extremists.

Thank you, Mr. Poilievre. Merci bien. The first video is in English. The second in French. An earlier post about Ms. Amira Elghawaby appears at the end of the current one.

Yes for unity and love!

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