Chef Alia: “Zaatar Manoushe” recipe!

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that Bambi loves “Zaatar” or thyme, as you can see from an older post below.

This being said, many thanks to Zeina for sharing with us all Chef Alia’s delicious Lebanese-style mixed thyme recipe! It is Bambi’s hope the embedded video will work well :). Regardless, she can assure you that Nova Scotia-based Chef Alia is MUCH talented! Mmm!

@zaynah.habibti Chef Alia is back with a Zaatar Manoushe recipe! #tiktokarab #arabtiktok #recipe #mediterranean #food #foodtiktok #lebanese #chefalia #middleeastern ♬ original sound - Zaynah Mohamad

2 thoughts on “Chef Alia: “Zaatar Manoushe” recipe!”

  1. Chef Alia’s Zaatar Manoushe is hard to beat. Whenever she does something, she always does it with passion and creativity. I miss her Zaatar a lot. ❤️

    1. Indeed!! She is SO TALENTED, Bambi agrees with you Diana! We are so lucky to have her in the Maritimes and to call her our common friend ? :)!

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