Happy Eve of Saint-Anthony’s Day to Bambi’s dad, cousins, and friends!

Well, it is this time of the year, when Bambi’s larger family is blessed to come together again to celebrate, after the Christmas and New Year festivities; twice not just once, that is in two consecutive evenings meant to honour two oldest family members called Antoine and Tanios, respectively. Of course, this along with all those from the second generation of the family who happen to also be called Tony or Antoine, etc. Indeed, Bambi has several cousins, with a similar first name, most in Beirut and one in Montreal. They are all uniquely adorable :). Happy “name day” to each one of them and to Bambi’s friends, Antoinette and Tony!

Of course, in Bambi’s eyes, the most significant Antoine OR Tony in this time of the year is her dad, especially that his birthday is celebrated also on his name day. May God keep protecting you, dear “Antonio”. Many thanks for giving Bambi and her sisters values, roots, and wings; this in addition to being a living example of an inspiring self-made entrepreneur, as per an older post honouring you and your business (shown below). Bambi loves you a lot, dad. She is saying so now while sending her deep affection to our all our dear ones across the miles ❤️!

2 thoughts on “Happy Eve of Saint-Anthony’s Day to Bambi’s dad, cousins, and friends!”

    1. Sweet ?!! Thank you dearest Tony!! Bambi says the same with much love ?❤️: Bless you too ?!! Bless your lovely family too ?!

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