Mazeej [blend]: “For the Love of Lebanese Zaatar” [wild thyme]

Man’ousheh … Mmm!

Serendipity is the phenomenon where we find a wonderful discovery or an agreeable item (not sought for) when searching for another one.

Well, Bambi took a little break and searched for any new musical piece by “Mazeej” of Mr. Lucas Sakr ( This is how she came across another type of blend : ), not musical. What a lovely and very brief United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) video (subtitled in English) related to the agro-food sector. We learn from the YouTube comment below this video that Mazeej is “funded by Italy and implemented by UNIDO in partnership with the Ministry of Industry in Lebanon and in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture“.

Bambi knows nothing about this initiative. All what she knows is that the video moved her heart bringing back childhood memories of MANY “manakish” [plurar of man’ousheh] eaten on the way to school with her friend Nayla! Bambi used to purchase three of those delicious Lebanese manakish (yes, she was a pig in the body of a deer!). She used to eat two of them while walking… and wisely keep the third one for the recess :).

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