“Une trace d’amour” [A trace of love]: Grégoire’s song is meaningful for the World Kindness Day, isn’t it?

Today, November 13, is known as the World Kindness Day where we are encouraged to reflect on the meaning of kindness in our lives, as a universal human quality or gesture. Self-kindness to begin with, kindness in caring about others. All others. Anyone. Random kindness. Kindness for the sake of kindness. Gratitude for the kindness of others.

Of note, sadly even on a day called “World Kindness”, we keep hearing horrific news of violence like wars and explosions in charming cities of the world. Bambi’s heart goes to all the innocent people caught in the middle of violence, including Ukraine and today on Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul, Turkey.

This being said, Bambi refuses to get ready for sleep now without highlighting this day, even at its end, in two ways: (1) Re-visiting an older post on the theme of kindness; thanks to Roula Azar-Douglas for the substance of the post and to Jane for her “kind” comment; and (2) Sharing a beautiful French song that seems appropriate for this annual event. Bravo and thanks to Grégoire, a highly talented French artist, for his song “trace of love… for the too good, too stupid” [“Une trace d’amour. Chanson pour les trop bons, trop cons“].

Related to this song, one may wonder about the following: to what extent do we appreciate those who make others’ lives better? And how much do we value kindness as a potentially rewarding choice or way of living? Alternatively, do we consider kindness as a sign of weakness or of mere stupidity?

To conclude this post, Bambi thanks you for “kindly” reading thus far. She hopes you will enjoy this song, especially if you can understand either its language or spirit: “to all the too good, too stupid, those who never yell, those who are pushed around and who say sorry, who we believe are stupid because they are nice, those whom history forgets… those who only have the heart, not the speeches, those who leave traces of love”.

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