What is kindness?

Ms. Roula Douglas is a Lebanese-Canadian journalist with l’Orient Le Jour, an author, a mentor (as a university professor and as a leader through the Global Thinkers Forum), a PhD candidate, a spouse, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and… simply a friend.

The Global Thinkers Forum (http://www.globalthinkersforum.org/) recently celebrated the World Kindness Day, which took place on November 13, 2020 (Bambi missed it. OUPS, she hopes she happened to be kind to her amazing spouse on that day ?!)

This organization published a report entitled “Leading with kindness in crisis and beyond“. It also highlighted the World Kindness Day by tweeting insights from interviews with leaders all over the world (based on that report).

Well, as a kind sister to Bambi, Ms. Roula Douglas accepted to share her insights about kindness with you through this blog. Merci Roula!

Before sharing her beautiful words, Bambi will remind us of two facts: First, Ms. Douglas knows the value of words well. She knows that words are acts. She is known for using the right word at the right time in her novels, articles, and social media. Second, if there is a country in the world who is suffering from multiple crises now, it is tiny Lebanon. Kindness takes all its meaning in times of survival and/or sorrow. Kindness is an act of of both love and respect. Kindness to each other. Kindness to oneself too. Kindness for the sake of kindness… just like love for the sake of love.

Without further due, here are Ms. Douglas’s own words, as taken from Page 41 of the report mentioned above:

Kindness is wanting others to feel better about themselves, their day, life. It is treating them with compassion, warmth, understanding, and respect. For me, it is kindness that defines us as humans“, Roula A. Douglas, Journalist & Author, Lebanon.

Ms. Roula A. Douglas

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