Sackville Town Councillor Bruce Phinney: Thanks to the Warktimes for informing us about the suspension of his medical benefits!

Thank you, Mr. Bruce Wark, for your very informative article about the latest development concerning Councillor Bruce Phinney.

First and foremost, Bambi’s heart goes to Councillor Phinney. The pain of kidney stones is already tough in itself. When we are physically suffering, the last thing we need in life is the additional pain of a “nasty surprise” like the suspension of our medical benefits, in addition to the absurd, unfair, and anti-democratic suspension of our salary (

Why is our municipal politics that nasty? Why are people so disconnected from democracy, work ethics, tolerance of different public opinions, analytical thinking, and most importantly of humanity?

Bambi stands in FULL support of Councillor Phinney! Indeed, silencing one of our elected politicians is silencing us all. No one deserves an undemocratic treatment, not even those who have mistreated Mr. Louis Béliveau in the past accusing him of their own vice. For the record, Louis is related to Bambi in a very intimate way and yet she is saying so. So, imagine if this politician is one of the most principled ones Bambi has ever met in her entire life between Lebanon and three Canadian provinces. She is saying so with all due respect to all our other politicians whether Bambi agrees with their policies or not.

To conclude this post, once again, it is only when we come back to standing up for principles that we are truly fair to all and to the fate of democracy in our towns, provinces, and countries. The principle of free expression. The principle of respect for all. The principle of civility. The principle of humanity.

2 thoughts on “Sackville Town Councillor Bruce Phinney: Thanks to the Warktimes for informing us about the suspension of his medical benefits!”

  1. Bruce Phinney is a good candidate for Mayor of the Town of Tantramarshire … hope he runs again!
    Kidney stones sound absolutely awful to live through.. I think Shawn Mesheau went thru their torture also.

  2. Let’s hope Bruce Phinney might pass the Lordon Report to the Town’s Heritage Committee on his way to a full recovery!

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