Are Sackville Town staff above criticism?

MANY thanks to Mr. Wark for his informative article (see below) about what is happening in our town with one of the most decent politicians in our province, country, and perhaps in the world.

Bambi will name Mr. Bruce Phinney.

Mr. Phinney is far from being perfect because he is a human being.

However, this being said, one of his BEST qualities is his honesty.

He tells the truth as it is. How many of us still speak our mind in such a candid way?

Indeed, with all due respect to all our politicians in town, including our MLA (a former town councillor), Mr. Phinney was the only elected official who stood up to defend Bambi’s spouse.

Ironically, Mr. Phinney is now being accused (for the second time) in a similar way.

In Bambi’s non-expert citizen opinion, this way is all about silencing. It has nothing to do with politeness.

Since when a town councillor and a citizen cannot criticize town staff or provincial politicians?

When will we have accountability in our town?

When will our town truly respects its citizens, even those who are not part of the elite?

Is there any hope?

2 thoughts on “Are Sackville Town staff above criticism?”

  1. It’s the same sad Sackville story, once again led by Bill Evans – not that that’s a surprise, or that the rest (other than Phinney) are a whole lot better.

    The trouble with this town is that all the wokerati are too busy “caring” about the wider world (think back to the summer’s BLM “protests”) to notice the injustices occurring RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES.

    Where are all these people when some fundamentally undemocratic move occurs IN SACKVILLE?

    Nowhere to be seen.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE, start thinking, and look at what’s happening AROUND YOU, instead of the fake “social justice” claptrap that you’re being fed. This one is REAL, and it’s RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACES.


  2. I agree is about silencing …as we have experienced it before when they didnot allow citizens of town. to access the heritage board investigator’s report …sadly the town spent public money and then they didnot allow the same public to access the report …
    But unfortunately the public is responsible in the repeat of events (same issue, different title) by voting again for those who are not transparent, by not paying attention and by not speaking up.

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