Already 32 years in Canada. Time flies, doesn’t it?

Yes, time flies, even if three decades is a long time in someone’s life.

Bambi has always thought that any extra year beyond civil war was a gift of life. She would happily enjoy it and be grateful for it. Imagine 32 years beyond this unforgettable June 17, 1990 (as described in a post from last year shown below).

How can Bambi not be grateful, especially for a life enriched by meeting wonderful people in three different provinces of our beautiful country?

Is our country still the same as Bambi discovered it upon her arrival? Of course not. It is not even similar to what it was 10, five, or even just 2-3 years ago.

Is Canada still worth loving and celebrating, despite our collectively insane times? Of course, always!

Today’s post will be brief. It will end with a few songs to highlight this important day for Bambi, her family, and her dear friend Carla. Their friendship began on a KLM flight. Together they discovered their beloved Québec. They did crazy things in their youth like taking belly dance lessons and returning to their neighborhood dancing on a bridge, ignoring cars that passed by them :). Happy June 17 to you too Carla ❤️!

4 thoughts on “Already 32 years in Canada. Time flies, doesn’t it?”

  1. Whaa 32 years !! Quite a long period !
    On July 27th , we will celebrate our 1st year in Montreal ??

    Your parents were visionary at that time to take the bold decision and come to Canada.. I think time has proven that they were right .

    Hope my kids will one day, will be grateful as you are , and will recognize the sacrifice we did . Time will tell again !

    1. Bambi is very moved by your comment Rony!
      You did the same with your own kids as her parents did with her siblings and her.
      Bambi will remember July 27, count on her to send you her best wishes :). One year already, wow!!
      Bambi wishes your children all the best. They have all what it takes to go very far in life. They surely have wonderful parents supporting them and making sacrifices for them!

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