19 months after the surrealistic Beirut port explosion: may Ms. Julia Awdeh’s memory be eternal

A picture taken from An Nahar.
Rest in peace Ms. Julia Awdeh… Will just ever know how to prevail in Beirut?

Ms. Julia Awdeh is most likely the 219th victim of the Beirut port explosion. The latter woke up from her coma one month following the surrealistic human-made and still unpunished tragedy. However, tragically, she died today after one year and seven months since that doomed August 4, 2020. Bambi’s heart goes to her son, Samuel, and to the rest of her family, friends, and by extension the entire Lebanon.

From An Nahar (Arabic content), Bambi learned with much sadness how Samuel’s hope increased exponentially, day after day, since his mother woke up from the coma. Unfortunately, he lost her at a hospital in Sidon [or Saida], south of the capital where she died in her sleep (https://www.annahar.com/arabic/section/77-%D9%85%D8%AC%D8%AA%D9%85%D8%B9/26032022042504982). The sad news also appeared in English on the LBCI‘s news website (https://www.lbcgroup.tv/news/d/lebanon-news/638536/two-years-on-beirut-port-explosion-claims-new-vict/en).

Anyhow, this post is meant to honour Ms. Julia Awdeh’s memory. If she may, Bambi would like to offer her son and loved ones two songs. The first is a beautiful French-Canadian one, entitled Tu trouveras la paix [You will find peace in your heart] interpreted by the talented Ms. Mélissa Bédard. The second song about the Beirut explosion, by Mr. Ghassan Saliba, is entitled Maakouly shi nhar? [Is it possible one day?]. Bambi has translated the lyrics of this song into English in an earlier post shown further below.

As for the Lebanese political dinosaurs (some are still in power for over 40 years!), Bambi has no word and no song for them. Nothing. May God forgive them for having destroyed their country and killed their own people (and many residents or guests originally from other countries), whether voluntarily or by negligence.

Once again, may your memory be eternal Ms. Julia Awdeh…


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