To what extent do you value time, yours and others’?

Some people are almost always late. Others tend to always arrive early.

In life, sometimes we tell ourselves or others “it is too late“. Yet, at other times, we tell others or convince ourselves that it is “better late than never“.

Some of us will always tend to procrastinate, at any stage of life. Yet others will become increasingly efficient in order not to perceive a waste of time, especially as they advance in age.

We may learn to value time more after life losses or when extra years feel like a gift of life.

We perceive time as being shorter when we spend it with loved ones. In contrast, we may be bored to death if we are with dull people or situations.

We fill our mind with free thoughts and meaningful daily activities when we are or feel like in a prison.

We use time so efficiently in science and technology.

Some may sometimes feel like prisoners (of time or despite the time). Others may become like non-creative products of their historical times.

Sometimes we have the time or we give time to time.

We can also take the time (to listen, to get to know, and to love even).

At times, we may feel as if time is being stolen from us.

Yes, there may be an optimal time, good times, or clearly bad times.

Isn’t it for a wise reason that they say that there is a time for every season?

Indeed, there is a time to love with passion, time to appreciate life and its tender moments with loved ones, time to swear to vent, time for oneself, and time to give from ourselves to our loved ones without any consideration for time.

In the end, there is a time to end a story, turn a life chapter, involving others or us as the main characters. There could be times for new chapters… or it can be the last page of the last one.

There is surely time, if we wish, to fully live (a moment or a lifetime).

Time to grow and keep re-growing, to learn, and time to play (on its own or combined to all the other aspects of life).

Time to rest too, whether through a nap or the final big rest, time to mourn… and to grow… and again keep growing.

To conclude this post on time and the perceived time, here are a few songs highlighting this post’s topic. Bambi hopes you will enjoy them. The last one is strictly in French, but an English translation follows for your convenience.

Have a beautiful Friday/weekend. Remember to enjoy your time :)!

Some love songs like The windmills of my heart, when translated into Arabic, become endless (“no beginning and no end”), as per Ms. Hiba Tawaji’s famous Lebanese song entitled La bidayi wala nihayi:

I won’t have time

“I won’t have time, won’t have time.

Even if I run

faster than the wind,

faster than time,

even if I fly,

I won’t have time, won’t have time

to visit the whole immensity

of a universe so big.

Even in a hundred years,

I won’t have time

to do everything.

I open my heart fully,

I love with all my eyes.

It is too little, for so many hearts

and so many flowers.

Thousands of days, it is too short,

Much too short.

And to love, as one must love

when one trully loves

even in a hundred years,

I won’t have time, won’t have time.

I open my heart fully,

I love with all my eyes.

It is too little, for so many hearts

and so many flowers.

Thousands of days, it is too short,

Much too short.”

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