The honourable Tarek Bitar: Isn’t his continuous resistance to corruption and impunity inspiring?

Bambi paid tribute to Judge Tarak Bitar more than once on this blog.

From Wikipedia, we learn that he was born in a village in Akkar and earned his law degree from the Lebanese University in 1999. He worked as a lawyer and then became the “sole criminal judge of North Lebanon until 2010“. Following this, and since 2017, he has been the head of the Criminal Court in Beirut. He is now leading the Beirut blast (of April 4, 2020) investigation, taking this huge responsibility after the removal of Judge Fadi Sawan (

Bambi learned from watching several media channels, national and French, that Senior Lebanese Professors of Law agree that Judge Tarek Bitar is both highly competent (incredible academic performance and professional journey) and HONEST. What a beautiful combination in life. Add to it what Lebanon’s people, diaspora, and friends around the world have discovered in him: A man of courage!

Imagine that he is currently suspended for the 4th time, with a total number of lawsuits against him now standing at 18. As per l’Orient Today, “most of which were filed by officials he is seeking to interrogate on suspicion of criminal negligence” (!

As a reminder, the surrealistic Beirut port explosion was “caused by a huge stockpile of ammonium nitrate fertilizer that was stored haphazardly at Beirut port for years“.

Shockingly, Lebanon’s “top political and security officials knew of the dangers posed by the shipment but failed to take action“.

Not surprisingly, and as per l’Orient Today, “the powerful Shiite party Hezbollah is leading demands to remove Bitar“.

Believe it or not, EVEN if Lebanon has been diving into hell at a scary speed, “its ministers have said they will boycott cabinet sessions until an official decision is taken to replace him“.

As a consequence, the Lebanese government that was finally formed in September, 2021, “to address an unprecedented economic crisis, has failed to meet since October, despite mounting woes”!

Isn’t it both shocking and sad when a troubled country is totally paralyzed by its criminals like that?

Indeed, the UN Chief who visited Lebanon recently laid wreath at Beirut port and pushed for accountability ( Once again, will the Lebanese political leaders listen?!

Regardless, in Bambi’s mind, Judge Tarek Bitar is a REAL hero keeping hope alive in his country. Hope for truth and justice. Hope for accountability (for once!). Hope for democracy. This is why, and more than once, she has (symbolically) nominated him for a Peace Nobel Prize on this blog!

Lebanon, Canada, and the entire world need independent and courageous judges like the honourable Tarek Bitar. Thanks to him and, once again (perhaps more than ever), may God protect him (and his family)!

To conclude this post on a musical note tribute to Beirut following its blast, here is a moving song by Mr. Ghassan Saliba… If you are interested, here is a quick translation from an earlier post by Bambi:

Is it possible to go back in time and forget what happened

In the city inhabited by sadness and destruction?

Is it possible, one of these days, to extinguish the fire

In the hearts they have burned and made them collapse?

Is it possible, one of these days, to resume writing poems

about the beautiful city we fell in love with and keep waiting and waiting for?

Is it possible, one of these days, to be able to erase what happened to this sad city

So the journey can begin?

The bewildered population of this country when it has no decision-making

It begs for justice from any place and any forum of decision-making

Is it possible, one of these days, to do something for the many who have survived

Reach the end of the story and put an end to the defeat?

Is it possible, one of these days, that the generations that do not chose their destiny

will get rid of this injustice and change the course of history?

One day will come when all the secrets will be uncovered

And this stubborn land will be crowned with glory…

One thought on “The honourable Tarek Bitar: Isn’t his continuous resistance to corruption and impunity inspiring?”

  1. Wow, the lyrics of this song are so powerful!
    The days of sadness and destruction can only be erased from the minds if people can believe again that truth and justice is what those in power care for. Without trust, there can be no flourishing. Without truth and justice, there can be no trust.

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