Merci et au revoir Jean-Claude…

Thank you, Jean-Claude for having supported Bambi. She will be forever grateful. Rest in peace now… and your memory will be eternal!

Bambi’s heart goes to your family….

Au gars de Trois-Rivières, voici les Petits Chanteurs de ta belle ville!

7 thoughts on “Merci et au revoir Jean-Claude…”

  1. Sorry for your loss. Our sincere condolences to you, Louis and to his family. May his soul rest in eternal peace

    1. How thoughtful– Bambi is grateful to you, dearest Mary and family, with a big thank you (and much love) from Louis et al. ?

  2. Our sincere condolences. Our prayers are with you and your family. May his soul rest in peace

    Aline , Nabil, Nicole , Hala and Michel

    1. Oh– MANY thanks to all of you (dearest Aline, Nabil, Nicole, Hala, and Michel) from the bottom of the heart from Jean-Claude’s entire family in Québec, NB, USA, and Portugal. Bambi will also add: Bless you/your beautiful family ?.

  3. Bambi is very moved. She just learned from one of Jean-Claude’s sisters who just read this post that her brother used to sing in this choir when he was a child!! He had a beautiful voice… Wow!

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