A year already: Bambi’s heart goes to Kavana’s family and friends

It has been a year since Kavana left us… yes times flies.

Bambi is thinking of Kavana’s family (i.e., especially her parents) and all her friends, including her cousin, Mr. Eljah Kilele, who wrote a comment on this blog last year. At the very end of this post, you can see the good-bye or eulogy post dedicated to Kavana and, again, a friendly wink to her on New Year, along with a thought for dear friends lost during the past year.

Now, the current post comes with Ms. Ginette Reno’s famous song about love [“L’Essentiel”]. What a beautiful interpretation by the talented Mr. Nicola Ciccone. It reminds us that love is the essence of life.

Love of those with us, whether geographically close or far away.

Love of those who left us too early.

If love can transcend death (it is Bambi’s conviction in life), it can surely find its way to our hearts… May love always prevail in our world.

2 thoughts on “A year already: Bambi’s heart goes to Kavana’s family and friends”

  1. Thank you Bambi for not forgetting and keeping the memory of precious people who are no longer with us alive.

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