Christmas is all about love, hope, magic, and… music

Bambi does not know about you, but for her, Christmas is perhaps the most beautiful season of the year. OK, not only Christmas for sure, because all the seasons, are beautiful, regardless of the traditions.

However, in Bambi’s mind, in Christmas there is an endless magic. Perhaps she is saying so because it is what will hopefully always remain in her spirit from her (happy) childhood (thanks to her family :)). Indeed, this season brings old memories from Lebanon about love, generosity of the hearts, as well as wishes, or rather prayers, for peace and prosperity (during much adversity then… and sadly now).

Without much philosophy or nostalgia, Bambi would like to use this post to share a couple of songs she had the chance to listen to today (and sing like a frog). The first song is in French. It is by Mr. Enrico Macias and is entitled “Noël à Jerusalem“. The second song is actually a short Christmas Medley in (Lebanese) Arabic by Ms. Chantal Bitar (posted last Christmas on this blog). The final one is the famous Oh Tannenbaum by Ms. Nana Moukouri. If she may, Bambi would like to offer it to Achim who has enriched her blog lately with his comments [if he happens to be reading :)], to her dad, to her father-in-law… and, OK, last but not least, to someone in heaven (yes, it is you, Firas)… since you all can understand/speak the beautiful language of Goethe!

11 thoughts on “Christmas is all about love, hope, magic, and… music”

    1. Many thanks DEAREST Aline for your kind words… to you too! May you [and Jesus :)] forgive Bambi for stealing your beautiful Emoji pics 🙂 ☮️✝️❤️. Seriously now, Bambi is blessed to have you in her life (much love)!

  1. P.S. I’d like to offer to Bambi my favourite Xmas song, sung by Amy Grant. It’s not a traditional one, but I find it very moving. It’s a look at the promise of the birth of the Messiah from Mary’s perspective.

    1. Very true–Bambi is so moved (with tears in her eyes now). What a beautiful Christmas song (perhaps the purest song-prayer of the season she has ever heard). Bambi is VERY grateful for having made her discover Ms. Amy Grant. VIELEN Dank Achim :)… and blessings back to you across the miles.

  2. Oh my God, I am so moved by your dedicating “O Tannenbaum” to me ? ?. I also liked the Arabic Christmas medley by Chantal Bitar and the French “Noël à Jerusalem” very much. Christmas is really a special time for myself as well. Something about it is magical. It’s heaven touching earth, even in the midst of darkness.
    And, by the way, I very much like the sound of a frogs’ concert ?

    1. Bambi is so happy you like these two Christmas songs :)! Blessings/Thanks to you for being part of this magic touching earth (ie., you spread the magic around you, Bambi means). Vielen Dank!

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