Isn’t Ms. Selma Merchak inspiring? Her son, Mr. Lokman Slim, was murdered in February to silence his critics of the Hezbollah. Despite her sorrow, and impunity, she remains full of humanity

May Mr. Lokman Slim’s memory be eternal…

Thanks Ici Beyrouth for this moving article entitled “The wise mother of Lokman” ( What a dignified lady!

Bambi has paid tribute to Mr. Lokman Slim in several posts back in February, 2021 (all shown below). She also featured Ms. Monika Borgmann (his spouse)’s slogan post-mortem, Zero Fear (in Arabic). My God knows how to keep comforting his mother’s (Selma), sister’s (Rasha), and beloved spouse’s (Monika) hearts.

As well reported by Mr. Makram Rabah in French, on the day following the tragic loss of her son, Ms. Selma Merchak reminded Lebanon, and the world, of what matters the most in life (here is a quick translation for you):

“Civilized people argue, they may have differing opinions, but resorting to weapons is never the solution. We are civilized people, not animals in the jungle. The animals of the jungle devour each other. Violence can never be good for this country. It has harmed me as a mother because I lost my son. My only wish is that you use your wit, not your gut, if you really want to build a country. Lokman deserves it so much”.

The wisdom and dignity in grief of this heart-broken mother is making Bambi remember the late and great Mr. Ghassan Tueni, father of another assassinated Lebanese intellectual/journalist, Mr. Gibran Tueni. At the end of the funeral service of his son, he spontaneously took the microphone and called for love, can you imagine? He said: “Let’s bury hate and revenge” (later a title of a book he wrote a couple of years before his own natural death). Bambi was visiting her parents in Beirut at the time of the funeral. She will always recall the scene of the procession from the nearby hospital’s morgue to his final destination where Bambi’s ancestors are also buried. She will also always recall the father’s moving words mentioned above that she watched live on TV.

Anyhow, to come back to Ms. Merchak, if you understand Arabic and/or read French (with a couple of English words), below you can watch her brief message to the youth of her country, as taken from the article above.

To conclude this post on a musical note, and if she may, Bambi would like to offer Ms. Merchak a song by Mr. Charles Aznavour entitled “Ma vie sans toi” (or “My life without you”). An English translation can be found here, if you are interested ( Bless your broken yet big heart, Ms. Merchak, and… may your son’s memory be eternal in the hearts of those who still value freedom of expression (for all!) in our world.

6 thoughts on “Isn’t Ms. Selma Merchak inspiring? Her son, Mr. Lokman Slim, was murdered in February to silence his critics of the Hezbollah. Despite her sorrow, and impunity, she remains full of humanity”

  1. So sad that this is still happening. My condolences go out to Ms. Selma Merchak as well. I hope and pray that some day people will learn to respect each other regardless of differing opinions. This reminded me of a very powerful speech by Majida el Roumi at Gibran Tueni’s memorial ceremony (which you also mentioned). I listened to it on YouTube a few years ago, and was reminded of it by your post.

    1. Many thanks Achim for your compassionate and wise words. Bambi is impressed and also moved to know you that you have watched Ms. Majida el Roumi’s speech at Mr. Gibran Tueni’s memorial. She also has watched it many years ago (i.e., 2014?). What an excellent one!

        1. Bambi just re-listened to it… She is amazing, period. Her speech is a lesson to all the divided and polarized nations of the world, in Bambi’s humble, non-expert citizen, opinion. Her message should be heard not just by the deaf Lebanese politicians, but also by all the politicians of the world (some may have sadly lost their interest in assembling/uniting people of their countries). Anyhow, may love and tolerance prevail in everyone’s hearts and minds in tiny/bankrupt/tired Lebanon… and in the world. Thank you again for reminding Bambi of this beautiful and very powerful message. Bravo and MANY thanks to Ms. Majida El Roumy!

          1. I couldn’t agree more. And considering Lebanon’s example, I also understand more and more where your decisive no to identity politics comes from. You have experienced where this road can lead to. The main focus in a society must be our common humanity.

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