Dr. Ann Cavoukian in the Epoch Times: “Vaccine Passports will create a ‘global digital infrastructure of surveillance’: Former Ontario Privacy Commissioner”

Thank you Dr. Cavoukian (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Cavoukian) and thanks to the Epoch Times for this important publication:


Bambi could not help not to think of one of her readers who asked her a question about what is increasingly resembling a “medical tyranny” in many countries of the world (even if some other countries are not into it). Her entire response was as follows:

Thank you for sharing your concerns.

Bambi stopped following the news about the pandemic a while ago, but her initial thought is the following: Sometimes fear makes people become more authoritarian.

Like you, Bambi thinks that we should not use words that are so heavily charged like “Nazi” lightly in life out of respect for those who lived under it. Even more shocking is to see the yellow star at some demonstrations, even if Bambi sees the excesses in the management of the pandemic and how the economy has suffered (e.g., in some places in Australia, they still have severe lockdowns. Is this still necessary? Perhaps they should learn that, in the end, we have no choice but to learn to live with this health risk). Luckily, we have vaccines and choices of types of vaccines. As for the health measures in some places more at risk than us (ex. larger urban centres, crowded places, etc.), Bambi tends to agree with Dr. Mathieu Bock Côté that a tool like a digital vaccine passport (e.g., Québec, France) needs to be temporary (ensuring this with a legal framework). Yes, this is a must. If not, it can become immortal like income tax and it could be even proposed to be used by authorities for different reasons.

The word “choice” above is sadly getting more and more limited, if not just absent.

Indeed, one must just pay attention to the words of one our provincial ministers who started the pandemic as a hero (seeing it coming ahead of time. Thanks to him, even if his words now are scarier than the virus!). Mind you, the man replying to the tweet below is a lawyer…

Why are we getting more and more authoritarian when cases are lower and lower worldwide and when we now have vaccines, thank Goodness (thanks to all those who made them possible and accessible to us!)?

Related to the vaccines, and eventually perhaps boosters and likely more governmental controls, if (or “when“, to cite Mr. Trudeau’s own words today) Heath Canada will approve the vaccine for children (after weighing risks and benefits), will parents be given “full informed consent“, according to Dr. Bruce Pardy, a Law Professor also from Ontario?

Furthermore, will we respect parental choices of vaccinating their own children or not? This is usually the case in trials or in medical treatments. One must also recall that the coronavirus is rather low risk in MOST children (of course, excluding those with the known risk factors of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, like in adults, or those with medical complexity)?

So again, will we respect parents’ choices? Or will we treat them like children?

To conclude this post, Bambi will allow herself to borrow Dr. Cavoukian’s own words: “Privacy forms the foundation of our freedom. If you value freedom and liberty, you value privacy,” she said. “We have to stand up for our freedom and we have to stand up for privacy.” Indeed, Bambi values privacy, even if she also values massive vaccination in life. This is why this article resonated with her. To illustrate her point further, the first time she was asked to show her ID, along with a proof of vaccination, she had a flash-back of Lebanon’s civil war (when we used to ask for IDs on checkpoints and kidnap or kill you for your wrong religion). She even expressed this, in a form of a sarcastic joke, to the kind waiter. Why does the latter or business owners have to add those additional annoying tasks to their daily work? Is this really necessary (as per an older post shown below)?

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Ann Cavoukian in the Epoch Times: “Vaccine Passports will create a ‘global digital infrastructure of surveillance’: Former Ontario Privacy Commissioner””

  1. Thanks for this article about the pandemic. Is it a pandemic though? Can the numbers indicate that label?
    101 deaths in a population of 777,000 people in over a year and a half would indicate this was never a ‘state of emergency’ but rather a government-driven exercise in social engineering, control, and economy restructuring. Time may prove me wrong… but I believe nothing my government tells me anymore and I remain concerned about real issues not ‘media created hype’ which in this town makes me an outlier to be sure … at least I have had the luxury of a life lived before covid19 took over everyone’s consciousness. I feel nothing but pity for young people subjected to this psyop.. they will never have a chance to experience freedom and liberty and carefree living … especially the young working class of people who work hard, slave to pay their bills, and hope for a vacation once or twice a year as reward for their toils and efforts.
    The ‘chattering class’ has no idea of the plight of the ‘working class’ and Sackville NB has taught me a lot about where my roots are … based firmly in reality, working class common-sense living and a bullshit filter that cannot be uninstalled in my mid-50s… the masking is occult and deeply disturbing to me but most people seem fine with it here. This is a bad movie and until the script chances I will remain socially distanced from the people who live and work in Sackville’s ‘Different King of Small Town’.

    1. From what you are describing, your roots seem to be the beautiful left that Bambi misses so much in our world, the one that genuinely cared for workers, for the working class (poor or not). This means for people.

      Why can’t we understand that in the end we need to learn to live with this virus that is here to stay with us for a very long time. Bambi is saying this and she personally has lost 10 dear friends and relatives of family members also to Covid-19. It is not normal in a society to become filled with hate (in the name of fear) toward those who cannot or chose not to get a vaccine or the following boosters (not just the first… but more to come perhaps). It is not normal to be happy to see people losing their jobs over their choice of being or not being vaccinated. It is actually VERY sad when our hearts, slowly but surely, seem to turn into insensitive stones (whether in pandemics or in strife, etc.). When will all this end?

      Although Bambi may be wrong, she worries this mindset (and system!) could be also applied in the name of solving other key world’s issues like climate change or the environment, etc. At one point, as a society, we have to stop and reflect on the proposed political solutions. Are they worse than the problem itself? If the answer is yes, it is time for our politicians to re-consider both visions (if any?) and strategies in order to ensure we remain grounded in reality in managing important or critical issues.

      If not, Canada will keep becoming increasingly authoritarian in front of our eyes… Just think of Australia or Israel and their apparent over-reaction to the pandemic. Mr. Ezra Levant from Rebel News warned in a tweet on October 3 that Canada may eventually follow the same path. Well, there is truth to his concern, especially today, at least according to a recent CBC article. The latter seems to inform us that our country is heading in this direction (booster on the way with an even higher rate of vaccination, etc.): https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/when-to-lift-covid-19-restrictions-matter-of-debate-1.6221123

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