Québec and Paris join forces against cancel culture: A light of hope for our democracies?

Bambi would like to thank her two sisters for respectively attracting her attention to a media article about potentially promising news for our world, at least for la “Belle Province” and the beautiful France.

Indeed, France and Québec seem to be determined to join forces to counter cancel culture (ou la “culture de l’annulation” that is increasingly eroding our societies (https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/education/2021-10-21/quebec-et-paris-s-allient-contre-la-culture-de-l-annulation.php).

The French-Canadian media all obtained a copy of this letter. We can see it or parts of it in L’Actualité:


Here is a quick translation of the article above (thank you, Mr. Google Translate!):


For those who understand French, below you can listen to an interesting Radio-Canada 7-minute-interview of Mr. Patrick Masbourian with Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté entitled “Alliance contre la culture de l’annulation“:


Thank you, France and Québec, for giving us hope that someone somewhere in our world is doing something to stop the bulldozer of the cancel culture before it crushes us all, along with our cultures.

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