Why does the CBC seem to be encouraging entrepreneurs to disclose private medical information of their staff?

The article is not new, but Bambi just had the time to read it. It is entitled “Some N.B. businesses using staff’s COVID-19 vaccination status as marketing tool“.


Did the restaurant owner in question ask his staff if he can share their medical (and thus personal) information with the general public? Did they consent to it? If so, this should be mentioned in the article.

Is it legal, ethical, and common practice in our province and country to disclose medical information of others publicly (https://ombudnb.ca/site/latest-news/privacy-and-covid-19-vaccine-passports; https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/departments/health/privacy_and_access.html)?

Bambi thought we were too much attached to our privacy in our culture. What happened to the latter?

Plus, we have lived for almost two years without vaccines. As a reminder, those of us who kept going to restaurants willingly lived with the risk of catching the coronavirus as well as other viruses (which are sometimes as or more serious). For example, think of the impact of Hepatitis A, a virus that attacks the liver, on some individuals (sometimes it can be severe, especially for the 50+). Hepatitis A is not as common in Canada as in other parts of the world although some other provinces have seen outbreaks in the past. Indeed, Bambi herself surprisingly discovered a few years ago that she has the antibodies against it (without having been sick).

Who knows? Perhaps this restaurant owner is only tailoring to clients with a visa to “high Fearland” on their double vaccine passport? What about his other clients who may not be that worried or those who may not had the vaccine because they had Covid-19 or for whatever other reason? Doesn’t he care about them too, Bambi wonders.

Bambi is asking and yet she is for education about vaccination and the value of massive vaccination (as much as realistically possible).

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