Bravo to University of Chicago student Audrey Unverferth for her critical thinking and courage. Like “thousands” of peers, “she is set to attend Dorian Abbot’s rescheduled lecture at Princeton after it was cancelled at MIT”!

How refreshing to see reason, critical thinking, acceptance, and respect in action.

Bravo for courageously, and just simply saying no, to the violence stemming from (any) dogmatic thinking and its resulting bullying behaviour.

Bambi feels proud of this student (bravo to Audrey or Ms. Unverferth).

Bambi is happy for Dr. Dorian Abbot! As a reminder, she has supported him last week on her blog when she heard of his absurd story (see further below).

Finally, thank you Fox News for reporting this positive piece of news online.

To conclude this post, a big thanks to our courageous neighbouring country, for giving Bambi hope that brighter days can be ahead in not just the United States but also in our entire world.

With simple yet powerful ingredients like critical thinking (along with courage), people can come together to stand up against injustice and violence in life.

Whether you endorse wokeism or not yourself, whether you like to listen to Fox News only or CNN only (or both/any channel like Bambi), just remember that no one deserves to be silenced in life. Everyone has something valuable to express that we can all learn something from (including a smart professor like Dr. Dorian Abbot). Bambi is saying this regardless of the target, perpetrator, story, historic time, ideology (secular or religious), workplace, institution of higher education, country, continent, etc.

To conclude this post, when will Canada also start seeing some light of hope in the darkness of our collectively insane times?

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