Beirut port explosion: Bambi replies to Mr. Nasrallah’s speech about the investigation

Once again, if you are a regular reader of her blog, you probably know that one of Bambi’s little pleasures in life is to have fun replying to Mr. Nasrallah’ speeches following the surrealistic Beirut port explosion of August 4, 2020.

In addition to reports by international media, Bambi just learned from Naharnet the following (title): “Nasrallah Lashes Out at Bitar, Says Probe ‘Can’t Continue This Way’” (

Well, Bambi could not help the urge to reply to Mr. Nasrallah before going to sleep. If this topic is of any interest to you, you may wish to read the brief timeline of Mr. Nasrallah’s speech. FYI, the bold characters indicate Bambi’s reply, point by point.

“Nasrallah: The port blast judge is acting like an ultimate ruler in this file. “

Bambi: Bravo to Judge Bitar for his competence, impartiality, and courage.

Nasrallah: The responsibility of judges is bigger than that of presidents, ministers and MPs, because they’re the ones who gave approvals for the nitrates ship.

Bambi: ? or . Do you believe your own lies, Mr. Nasrallah? Can you please tell us how come you are not blaming Israel for the first time of your life? ODD.

Nasrallah: What’s happening in the Beirut port probe is a very big mistake and we won’t accept for the issue to continue in this manner in the coming days.

More threats… May God protect Judge Bitar.

You are probably saying so because the courageous Justice system of Lebanon is trying, once again, to be impartial. Yes, it is refusing the political interference (of ex-Ministers). Basically, these politicians are asking, through their lawyers, to remove Judge Bitar from his function for the second time! Bravo and thank you to the Court of Cassation !

Nasrallah: We are not calling for ending the probe and we want a transparent and honest judge.”

Bambi: Sure, if you say so…

“Nasrallah to Bitar: Why haven’t you heard the testimonies of President Aoun [and] ex-president Suleiman? “

Bambi: No comment. No clue why you are saying this. Surely to deviate the attention or to manipulate for other reasons. Mind you, maybe you have a point that Bambi does not understand (benefit of the doubt?).

Bambi’s understanding, if accurate, is that President Aoun (the Hezbollah’s ally) and many of his peers knew about the 2500 tons of ammonium nitrate that detonated on that sad August 4, 2020 :(. Despite this, they did not inform the Beirut firefighters about the burning product they rushed to extinguish at the port. Had they known, perhaps they could have had enough time to evacuate the city. Furthermore, rescuers (many of them rushed from France and other European countries to help) were prevented from entering the site for many critical hours. This is what was reported in the media as well as in interviews with the families of the victims and on social media.

Anyhow, as far as Bambi is concerned, she trusts Judge Bitar’s judgment. Since you are working hard to prevent him from doing his job, this tells us he is most likely on the right track…

Nasrallah: Judge Bitar’s work is selective and politicized.”

Bambi: No comment.

Nasrallah: The investigative judge should identify those who brought the nitrates ship to Beirut port.”

Bambi: Words are cheap in life… especially when stating the obvious.

Nasrallah to families of victims: You will not reach the truth with this judge.

Bambi: Please stop your campaign against Judge Tarek Bitar… as has been done with his predecessor, namely Judge Fadi Sawan.

Nasrallah: We are keen on investigations into the port blast and we will insist on accountability even if the families of the victims abandon the case.”

Bambi: What a joke… and how insulting to the grieving families ☹ (+ Beirutis, your own country, and the entire world).

Nasrallah on port case: The current judge is continuing with the mistakes of the former judge.”

Bambi: May God protect Judge Tarek Bitar… from you.

Nasrallah: I reiterate my call for the government to seek a waiver of sanctions in order to import fuel from Iran.”

Bambi: Why are you putting Lebanon in danger of sanctions from the USA? Why not let the new government take the time to decide what is in the best interests of its country from out of all the ideas/options?

Nasrallah: I call on the government to accept the Iranian proposal for the construction of two power plants and to obtain a U.S. waiver of sanctions.”

Bambi: No comment about the first part (perhaps helpful? No clue). As for the second part of your comment: Well, same as the above.

Nasrallah: The issue of electricity should be the government’s priority in the coming session and the country must be put on the track of solution, seeing as the issue needs a drastic solution.”

Bambi: True, electricity is a top priority for a country!

“Nasrallah: We call for lowering the voting age to 18.”

Bambi: No clue what the voting age in Lebanon is. Of course, as a smart man, you will ask to lower it if it is to your advantage.

Nasrallah: We will not oppose expat voting although it is not fair for us in Hizbullah, seeing as we cannot campaign or vote freely in some countries. “

Bambi: No commentMaybe you are right on this one.

Nasrallah: We call for holding the parliamentary elections on time and within the constitutional time frame.”

Bambi: Good idea indeed.

A screenshot taken from the Naharnet article cited above (October 11, 2021)

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