Bill 36 and the proposed plan to regulate social media content: A song to Mr. Trudeau’s (illiberal) Liberal Party of Canada!

You may wonder why Bambi is offering this song for Liberty of Ms. Nana Mouskouri to Mr. Trudeau et al. Well, she hopes to refresh their memories about the meaning of the beautiful name of their party: “Liberal“.

You may wish to take the time to read the following iPolitics article below, which informs us of our federal government’s proposed bill, which will complement Bill 36. Both are supposedly meant “to crack down on online hate“.

As a reminder, under Bill 36 (if the Senate passes it), citizens can be fined up $50,000 and eventually silenced. Who would be defining hate and deciding on it? Our federal bureaucrats? Wouldn’t that be arbitrary? How fair is that? How logical? How liberal?

Even Lebanon’s Hezbollah did not come up with such bills (yet) to crack down on “online collaboration with the (Israeli) enemy“… Let’s hope our government will not give them such ideas.

Bambi believes that a (truly) liberal approach remains the healthiest approach when it comes to (online) freedom of expression. Let people remain free to express themselves, except for calling for violence or defamation.

Luckily, we already have laws to address the above as well as all the other criminal activities stated to justify this new legal framework on “online hate speech” (i.e., child sexual exploitation, non-consensual sharing of intimate images, incitement to violence, and terrorism).

Mr. Trudeau et al., Bambi is against your proposed Bill 36 as well as your proposed plan to regulate or monitor social-media content. She is saying so, even if she is not on social media herself. She thinks so, even if she has been the target of an online censorship campaign because of her blog.

Enough of authoritarianism please, despite any good intention!

Thank you.

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