No to Bill 36 on “online hate speech”: Why is our Federal Minister of Justice, Dr. Lametti, contributing to turning our country into an authoritarian one?

Recently, Dr. Lametti introduced Bill 36. He tried to convince us in the media that this is meant to “tackle hate speech” (

What is “hate” to begin with, Dr. Lametti?

Who will define or identify it?

And why do you think we need such a bill?

Thank you for your hard work… but, NO, to your Bill 36.

This bill is not just a slippery slope toward a government-sanctioned form of censorship.

This bill is the evidence of it.

Sadly, Bill 36 was introduced by a party called “Liberal” for which Bambi has voted most of her Canadian voting life.

With all due respect, Bambi finds this bill to be illiberal.  

She strongly opposes it.

Mind you, she would have opposed it, regardless of the political party introducing it.

Yes, sorry Dr. Lametti/Mr Trudeau, but Mr. Levant seems to be right about it and how we went from Bill 10 to Bill 36:  .

According to Global News (, “the bill would amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to make it a “discriminatory practice” to communicate hate speech through the internet where it is “likely to foment detestation or vilification of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination.”

Clearly, this bill can target citizens like Bambi who express their opinions about this or that topic.

In the case of Bambi’s blog, a person or a group may claim they felt offended, emotionally triggered, or specifically “hated” while reading this or that post.

Some of us may have a thin skin… others bad faith. Yet others may truly feel like they are being hated.

According to Bill 36, her blog would communicate so-called “hate speech” that can in the future be considered as “a discriminatory practice” ( Since when do we discriminate against anyone by sharing our thoughts?

Similarly, Bill 36 can/will sadly be used against Bambi’s fellow citizens.

This makes Bambi think of “You are next”, to borrow the brilliant title of Dr. Jordan Person’s interview.

The next person may be you… or Mr. Levant or his guest, called Mr. Spencer Fernando (in the link above), whether you agree with their opinions or not, whether you like OR “hate” them, online or in real life.

Instead of leaving alone citizens who think differently on this or that issue, we are proposing a bill that can fine them… and silence them.

Is this fair?

With such bill, will Canada remain democratic in the very long-term?

Plus, we are no longer talking here about our own beautiful criminal laws or violations of our Charter.

We are not just condemning violence or defamation, as per our laws… We are rather promoting censorship.

We are doing it by using (or claiming to use) feelings. As Mr. Levant explained it well, who has not loved or hated someone or something in his life at one point or at another?

Stated differently, this bill has the potential of being highly arbitrary and has the power to censor Canadians.

Bambi does not support it, even if it is presented to her as an appealing candy called “anti-hate”.

Is this the kind of Canada you want to live in in 2, 5, 10, or 25 years if this bill or similar ones become laws?

This is surely not where Bambi would like to see Canada in 5, 10, and 25 years from now.

With all due respect to these beautiful places, Bambi does not want Canada to resemble Qatar, Dubai, Singapore… or China.

Yes, the above are all authoritarian places. So why are we modelling them?

To conclude this post, Bambi urges you to re-consider Bill 36, Dr. Lametti/Mr. Trudeau.

It is also her hope that our lawmakers, from the other parties and the independent voices (i.e. Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould) will have enough lucidity and courage to say no to this bill, if they also see what Bambi is seeing.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “No to Bill 36 on “online hate speech”: Why is our Federal Minister of Justice, Dr. Lametti, contributing to turning our country into an authoritarian one?”

  1. Some Thoughts on Bill-36
    LGBTQIA2S+CCPTikTok, Become A Hate Group?

    One of the key allies for LGBTQIA2S+ community is TikTok, a social media platform. Some in the LGBTQIA2S+ community with the help of TikTok are sowing the seeds of hate against society but more to point against themselves. Why would anyone in the LGBTQIA2S+ community back a social media platform that makes you look like fools done by design by TikTok?

    When will the LGBTQIA2S+ call out The Communist Party of China (CCP) TikTok and its dangerous campaign of psychological warfare and Western Democracies? Misinforming Westerners about the vast majority of the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

    CCP TikTok is the main driving platform of choice for the LGBTQIA2S+ community and their so-called complaints.TikTok is owned by the CCP so who are making these complaints and driving these complaints many of which are just nuts and non-sensical? Now let’s replace non-sensical with logic and let’s follow the money train.

    LGBTQIA2S+ issues among other ways that CCP TikTok has indeed manipulated Western opinion to divide us and they can get away with it. This is because for the quest for cheap labour the CCP has been able to integrate its economy with The West now we have a co-dependency with its economy. All so as a result of this co-dependency The West no longer has a middle-class just bureaucratic classes and the working classes.

    The bureaucratic classes like many universities with their pension plans are heavily invested in the CPP. In return the CPP has heavily invested in Western universities, just another example of The West and its co-dependency with CCP, not good. All of these umbilical cords need to be cut off.

    Some nutjob let’s say from the QIA2S+ part of this community posts inflammatory nonsensical videos on CCP TikTok.

    Also how many letters are there going to be? If you water down something enough that in itself becomes a punch line and no one and no one should take it seriously. You can’t be all things to all people.

    I am going to say something even though no one else wants to mention it. That CCP TikTok will take the most inflammatory nonsensical videos posted supposedly posted by the LGBTQIA2S+ community and artificially inflate these numbers for these posts right off the bat. I will say this as well I believe that most of these inflammatory nonsensical video posts are indeed being done by paid influencers by CCP which of course owns TikTok.

    As a result, the general public seeing these high numbers on these TikTok posts including the mainstream media, and assume they must have some type of value. LGBTQIA2S+ TikTok posts regardless of how ridiculous nonsensical the content is.

    Then these inflammatory nonsensical videos are going to get posted on YouTube at some point, someone and others will do what is referred to as reaction videos, a satirical look at some of these nutjobs because they are indeed nutjobs. Good for them for doing so and pointing out the insanity of it all. Nutjobs are nutjobs and they should be mocked and their nutjobs in every group.

    “Lourder With Crowder”, mocks these types of ridiculous posts all the time and they are not afraid to mention the source CCP, and that they are owned and control by the CCP, CCP TikTok.

    Latest MIND NUMBING TikTok PRIDE Song | Louder With Crowder

    As a result, people are thinking to themselves they all must be nutjobs in the LGBTQIA2S+ community. Look at the number of views and likes for these types of TikTok videos get all the time. So they indeed must be speaking for the entire community LGBTQIA2S+. What the general public fails to realize especially the LGBTQIA2S+ community is the source of the content, the CCP which owns TikTok.

    These LGBTQIA2S+ CCP TikTok videos are indeed hilarious. It as if these CCP TikTok scripts wrote themselves as a bad but hilarious comedy scripts.

    Keep in mind the CCP does indeed have paid Western influencers. Sometimes termed “White Monkeys”. Westerners that get paid to push narratives especially for one’s that are meant to divide and conquer and mislead people Western Liberal Democracies on such issues. Dividing us from within even though the sources e.g. CCP TikTok is indeed, in reality, an external force.

    The CCP does it all the time, not just with LGBTQIA2S+ issues but many other issues to divide us and CCP has been very successful in having sparked Civil Wars in Western Democracies in today’s climate especially in the US. It is also going to get worse before it gets better. The only people that need to be called out are indeed the people calling everyone else out, “the virtue is always the cover for the sin”.

    Oddly enough, The LGBT or should I say more to the point seemly the QIA2S+ part of the community demands that everyone be de-platformed. Be it on Twitter, Facebook, etc…but not CCP TikTok for some reason? For just questioning some of this nonsense. Twitter, Facebook, are happy to comply because they themselves are heavily invested in the CCP marketplace.

    These CCP TikTok video posts about the LGBTQIA2S+ community. They always are seemly acting like children and talking about their drier mental health needs and their needs for safe places.

    It would get a lot of sane people to think these individuals should be put in a safe place permanently for their own good. They are seemly emotionally unstable with their thoughts and sharing their thoughts. Obviously, LGBTQIA2S+ people can’t control their emotions either. As a result, they are at a much higher risk of acting on their thoughts, trying to commit suicide multiple times, or even worse hurting others so they need a safe place but permanently but it is for their own good.

    LGBTQIA2S+ people must all have some sort of hormone imbalances, their brain is not right? It’s not their fault, maybe we should sterilize all of them while we are at it. To ensure they do not hurt themselves or others. Let’s face it most of them are not going to reproduce anyway because they are not right in the head. Also well we are at it let’s make LGBTQIA2S+ people take a piss test monthly. You know just encase they are smoking weed or drinking alcohol. It is bad enough they are as unbalanced as they are, we need to help these poor unfortunate soles.

    In fact just to be on the safe side let’s take anyone with mental health issues or a history of mental illness or for that matter a history of homosexuality in their families and do the same for them. After all, we want to be safe, right?

    If you ask me LGBT e.g. (QIA2S+?) it seems a little vague and open-ended. People with serious mental health issues which today include anxiety disorders. If you ask me seems also a little vague and open-ended.

    But no authority regime in the history of the world has ever created policies that are vague and open-ended under the pretext of being virtuous to control their populations just to shut down just their political rivals, right? Of course, not at least for everyone who knows their history. I mean real history. History #101 brought to you by CCP TikTok, not fake history.

    Wow, this is making me uncomfortable and unsafe. Thank you CCP TikTok history #101 you would never lie to me? Better put all these Homos, I mean LGBTQIA2S+ people and people with anxiety disorders on a permit lockdown after all they are more likely to act on their thoughts. They are dangerous and crazy have you seen those CCP TikTok videos? I mean let these people out every so often no reason to be cruel it’s not their fault but better make sure they have supervision with a real adult.

    I have an idea let’s set up a Bill so society can feel safe because the boogie man is coming!

    For argument’s sake let’s call it Bill-36. Or as Progressives aka Regressive like to call it crime prevention. Oh, dammit someone already beat me to the punch.

    Bill 36, so-called “hate speech” that can in the future be considered as “a discriminatory practice” ( Since when do we discriminate against anyone by sharing our thoughts?

    I don’t believe anyone should be de-platformed. Though if it is perfectly clear that a platform like TikTok that indeed is run by the CPP that is an actual security risk. Should this not be the conversation we should be having? CCP TikTok, where the game is indeed rigged? As opposed to running around and imposing intent on our own citizens that they don’t have.

    We are under no obligation to let them have a license to run their propaganda. The governments of the Canada and US could cancel CCP TikTok tomorrow, but they will not because I am sure many of them are indeed on the take when it comes to TikTok and the CCP.

    It’s odd when I see these TikTok video’s they certainly don’t remind the of people I know in the LGBTQIA2S+ community like my Step-Mother who raised me and later on came out.

    She and her significant other are retired, they dress normally, speak normally worked all their lives have their cats live in a small town. I have never seen people like my Step-Mother and her significant other portrayed on the mainstream media. All I see is a bunch of lunatics on CCP TikTok and the mainstream media eat’s it up and is more than happy to go along with these narratives mostly made up by CCP TikTok.

    LGBTQIA2S+ community if CCP TicTok and the mainstream media are your allies, I suggest finding other allies.

    Sincerely, Demian Hammock

  2. as you say, there are already mechanisms in the criminal code and the charters. Bill 36 is only a masquerade, the cape of an imaginary super hero named « captain virtue ».

  3. These intolerant people won’t understand what they have done to our society until the boot is stomping on their neck eternally [as the George Orwell references goes]. Fortunately my credo is this: liberty is taken and never given and when fear is used to intimidate and silence people the answer is to double-down not back-down. Keep in mind that their version of reality is not reality.. it is a psychological battle in many senses but as your background and expertise will serve you well in the coming years I would say please keep going because I know you do what you do with a good heart. That’s the key.

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